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Everyone communicates through body language.

While we may be consciously unaware of the meaning of body language, we are subconsciously fully cognizant of its message. We react to how someone behaves before us on a subliminal level. For instance, we automatically feel uneasy if our companion crosses his arms and legs and narrows his eyes. Subconsciously we interpret the body signals as beacons of resistance, even though we may never have studied this arcane subject. The resistance of our partner tends to incubate resistance within ourselves as well; this causes us to cross our arms and legs in order to "protect ourselves." The cycle of resistance ensues. The subsequent failure of the conversation looms imminently.

Being knowledgeable of body language grants greater control to those wishing to influence any conversational ambiance. Through our actions we can set the tone - positive or negative - of any negotiation, meeting or one-on-one conversation. A master of this art will always adopt an open, non-hostile body posture to encourage cooperation. Also, he will scrutinize his partner's body posture for signs of discomfiture in order to reassess topics that cause unease. Knowledge of body language minimizes conflict and allows conversationalists to be sensitive to each other's needs.

There are twenty six letters in the alphabet, yielding over fifty billion letter, word and sentence combinations. Nevertheless, learning the alphabet was easy as ABC. Also, it was indispensable to communications. Body language, having lesser complex combinations, can be learned with fewer effort, provides tremendous benefits and is indispensable to human relations.

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