The FootInThe Door Technique

To use this technique, you must first decide on an outcome you want (this is your major request). Upon deciding your outcome, you create a series of small, related requests that are easy to say yes to. After stating these two or three requests, you pop the big question. Because of the first "yes's" that were easily solicited, your prospect is mentally conditioned to say yes to the primary and real request. The small requests are created to elicit "commitment" to a certain related idea or request to be given in the end.

This technique works by conditioning the mind to be consistent with the previous stance of saying yes repeatedly. It's that simple. The series of small requests create commitments to a certain action. The final request requires an action of similar nature, and thus, to be consistent, compliance with the final request is necessary. First get someone to commit (say yes!) to a series of thoughts, ideas or actions. Your prospect will then automatically comply with any final thought, idea or action that is related, just to be consistent. The technique is simple:

1st Step: Make a very small request (Get an easy yes response and first commitment!)

2nd Step: Make another very small request (Get another easy yes response and the second commitment!)

3rd Step: Make your real request, a bigger one. (Get a yes response!)

The important step is to ensure that all the requests are related in nature. If the last request is environmentally themed, so should the previous two requests. This allows the Principle to be mustered effectively.

Sometimes, prior to making the request, it is good to give an "enticing motivator" to set the stage. Car salesmen have been guilty of using this technique to sell cars. What they do is to advertise a car at a magnificently low price (the "enticing motivator") A buyer comes, drawn by the price. The salesmen and the buyer start discussing terms of payment, signing documents and filling forms. These acts of discussion and writing constitute the various "small commitments" leading to the act of closing the deal (the major request of the salesman). By discussing and writing for at least an hour before the end of the sale, the buyer is subconsciously committing to consummate the transaction. Before the consummation, the salesman disappears and comes back with news that there was an error in calculation. He reveals that the car had a price tag a few hundred dollars more. Despite the sudden price increase, and because of the various little commitments made, the buyer has no choice but to push forward with the deal.

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