The Broken Record Technique

Have you ever stated a request and were turned down? Did it frustrate you to receive a no to a perfectly legitimate petition? The Broken Record Technique allows you to gain compliance. Many of us have unknowingly employed it before.

Applying it is easy.

Here is the secret: simply decide on the desired outcome then unceasingly repeat the request or statement geared to spawn that desired outcome until you get it.

While using this verbal tool, maintain firm determination and an unwavering tone tempered with politeness. Where possible, rephrase the statement each time to avoid awkwardness. Through brute repetition, you

wear down resistance to your request, statement or order.

Here's an example.

Valan, a 4th year medical student, can no longer tolerate his roommate's messy attitude. His dorm rivals a dumpsite because of littered cans and unwashed underwear. He resolves to end the matter via dialogue.

Valan: I can no longer concentrate in this room. Everything is topsy turvey. Since this is you mess, kindly attend to it now.

Marick: I don't have time. I'm sleepy right now and have an exam tomorrow.

Valan: I understand that you would like to sleep, but please fix the room first.

Marick: I'd rather do that tomorrow after I'm well rested.

Valan: I appreciate that you don't feel up to it, but I want the room done today.

Marick: Oh, c-mon. cut me some slack. Aren't teen-agers supposed to be messy now and then?

Valan: I hear you. We are teen-agers, but we aren't messy ones. And I'd like this room done today. Please.

Marick: Okay okay. Don't you realize you sound like a broken record? I'll do it.

Valan: I realize that. But thanks for agreeing to fix the room.

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Body Language Magic

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