Step 4 Ask for what you want

Finally, when you sense a good deal of rapport and agreement to your proposal, make the request. Close the deal.

A positive mind set helps. Make the assumption that the deal has been accepted prior to asking. Behave in a confident manner.

First, summarize the benefits you offered.

Second, state the confident request using the following formula:

"Based on what you've told me... I'm going to suggest that the best course of action for us is " Or

"I can see you've reached your decision... I guess what we should do now is "

Take heed of the italicized words. Emphasize that the decision flows logically from his facts. Emphasize also the us/we involvement. The prospect will feel more at ease knowing that both you and he embark on that decision together.

From there, you can cap it all up with this standard close:

"We guarantee that you'll love the results. It's so easy. It's really works, its your best option not just now, but in the future."

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