Step 3 Agree Agree Agree

Whenever the other person responds in such a way that offers you an opening to reinforce your proposal's benefits, agree with his remarks, and develop his thought with the benefits that logically flows from his statement. Ensure that your benefits include feeling benefits, such as feelings of security, comfort, pride...etc. Benefits such as these persuade very strongly.

To illustrate Step 2 and Step 3, assume that you are selling brand new computers, so you ask a question that will lead to a specific benefit you offer.

You: "So Mr. Richards, I can see that you distrust computerization. Why is this the case?"

Richards: "I've tried it before and it was a nightmare. Something always broke down! Whenever we called technical support, they placed us on hold. We ended up with a white elephant."

You: "I agree with you. Computers do break down and most companies fail to respond to their customers. It's a big problem in the industry. We can guarantee you against this problem because we have over 350 technical staff on our roster working night and day. You'll never have a problem again.

The agreement with your prospect's statements clarify in his mind that you are considering his concerns very carefully. This heightens his receptivity to your proposals. Each time you agree with his concerns, and raise a benefit to absorb his anxiety, you edge a step closer to successful persuasion.

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