Romance Theory

■ We like people who like us first. We tend to get attracted to someone who displays attraction to us. Also, we prefer that people like us first before we like them. The best way to get the ball rolling is to start manifesting attraction instead of hiding it.

■ Romance begins with someone initiating contact; once someone has taken the initiative, there will exist a natural urge in the other person to respond positively. This principle declares that a relationship begins only with someone taking the first step. No--it doesn't have to be the man to do so. Women can initiate by engaging the man in lighthearted conversation.

■ An upbeat personality allures. We love happy people. We bask in their presence. One can be more attractive by acting happy. The quickest way to add ten more points to your allure quotient is by smiling and radiating bliss. Negative opinions, and beak outlooks should be minimized at the start of a romantic escapade. Conversation should include positive and optimistic material. The first contact is not yet the time to discuss debts, a pending murder trial or a recent AIDS infection.

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