Mind Linking

Another easy method to induce telepathic rapport exists. While not as simple as mirroring and matching, proficiency at this skill adds to the increasing arsenal of tools that enable you to be a successful persuader.

Mirroring induces a subliminal bond because the mind is fooled into believing it sees an exact replica of itself in someone else.

Mind linking works through similar principles, except that it concentrates on generating mental wavelengths that fuse the consciousness of both individuals. What it does is to erode all mental barriers such as distrust, suspicion, fear, disgust. The objective of mind linking is to subliminally convince someone else that you have nothing but the best intentions for him. This paves the way to persuasion because your prospect then believes you to be credible and trustworthy. How can this powerful technique be placed to bear?

The first step is to relax your face and clear your mind of all thoughts of yourself and of anything you may intend to selfishly gain from the person you will persuade. Clearing the mind can be easily done by mentally repeating a mantra such as, "beep...beep...beep..." or "dot...dot...dot." This step is important because any selfish thought wave can be subconsciously perceived by people who are intuitive or psychically enhanced. Most women are gifted with intuition and can sense guises. Quick witted and savvy businessmen can detect questionable or dubious individuals. A clear and mental blank gets around this hindrance.

Establish the mind-link by creating an empathic bond. This link grows through thought waves. Generate these thought waves by first defocusing your eyes on the person. What this means is that, instead of staring at one specific body part, focus on the whole person, the whole body. Notice all parts of his body by extending the range of your awareness. Allow your unconscious to put in the parts that you are not consciously aware of. From there, allow your mind to build a life-size, three-dimensional image of the person before you and really be aware of the totality of his presence. See and feel his presence. This trick is easily accomplished by martial artists who are simultaneously mindful of every aspect of his opponent's body and position without looking at every part. Once this tangible image is created before you, step into that image. Step into that life-like, three dimensional picture and begin to get a sense of what they might be feeling. You must feel them and imagine what they might be experiencing. Unleash your senses and make it highly receptive. Sense what it must be like to be them, looking from their eyes, standing from their position. Feel their clothing against your skin, feel the wind brush against their hair. Intensify the link. Project yourself mentally into the other person, so that you begin to really see what they see, feel how they feel, etc. When the bond can be felt, imagine a golden cord of light flowing from your heart and connecting his. Feel the surging might of the cord.

Simultaneously, allow a golden bubble to encompass both of you. By then, your body may start trembling from the wash of mental energy (known as prana to the Indians and pneuma to the Jews). This energy makes rapport intensify.

At this point, consolidate the rapport session by projecting powerful thoughts that directly bind him to you. There is only one thought form that can nurture receptivity and erode barriers. This thought form is the "selfless" thought form. To generate it, fill yourself with an overpowering desire to help the other person. Look at him calmly and think out to him, " I want you to do all the good I can", or " I want to help you." Quietly visualize to him the gains that he will realize from your thought command. These thought forms can penetrate any psyche because it is awash with positive energy. The mind easily absorbs anything that it perceives to redound to its benefit. By flooding mind with such thoughts, he gains an instant liking to you, the source of such telepathic thoughts.

Amazingly, it is this last step that neutralizes the last mental defenses that he may have against you. The thought forms you generated are processed by his mind on a very subtle level. Upon reception, his mind lowers its defenses and allows you to enter. Once you sense that rapport, you know that he is open to persuasion.

The final step to rapport generation is to picture him actively subscribing to your idea, to your command. Picture him carrying out your requests. Fill the picture with energy and life. See it real. See it living and moving. When it bursts with energy, think it out to him. Project it consciously for a maximum of four seconds into his mind. Longer than that and the thought will backfire because the mind will bore of the picture and reject it.


Venture forth and be confident of success, for the living energy of rapport flows and cascades like waterfalls between you.

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