Displaying Authority and Power

Leaders generally adopt a distinctive pose. Eye contact is steady and frequent; it never drops below the bridge of the nose. His shoulders are thrown back slightly, with the chin up. His posture is erect, yet comfortable. Movements are slow and deliberate. The tone of voice flows deep and resonant; speech does not exceed 100 words per minute. Each sentence ends with a downward inflection; pauses punctuate phrases and sentences. Every statement sounds like a statement and not a question (upward inflection). Even questions sound like statements.

Normally, the leader takes the head of the table. When he sits, he may steeple When standing, his arms may be held behind his back. He may also rest them on his hips. Gestures are emphatic and carried out in sweeping or thrusting motions. His overall aura emanates sizzling power.

This is the best pose to adopt for persuasion.

Confidence and Social Supremacy

Confidence and Social Supremacy

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