Body Language of the Head


Direct eye contact occurring 60% of the time indicates that the prospect is very interested in what you have to say.

Eye contact occurring 80% of the time tells that the prospect is interested in you sexually.

100% eye contact indicates aggression. Be forewarned of resistance.

Frequent avoidance of eye contact reveals that a prospect may be hiding something. It may also reveal subordination and lack of confidence.

Dilated pupils indicate great interest, either in what you said or in you.

Lock eye contact with a woman's gaze. If she drops it instantly and gazes downward to the left or to the right, it indicates that she is interested in you. If, on the other hand, she merely glances to the left or the right (without first dropping her eyes) in order to avoid your gaze, she simply finds you uninteresting.

Rapid blinking is a warning sign. If it forewarns that your prospect may provide resistance to what you have just said.

The Head

When your prospect's head is tilted towards you, it indicates his interest. When his head is tilted away at an angle, such that he glances from the corner of his eye, he sends signals of suspicion, mistrust and disbelief. Be forewarned; he doesn't find your idea appealing.

The head, supported on the hand indicates boredom.

Nodding indicates interest and agreement. It is a good sign.

Someone who keeps looking around says "let me go."

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Body Language Magic

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