Body Language of the Hands

The hand holds telling stories...

When a prospect's hands are open and palms up, he conveys truthfulness and openness.

When a prospect speaks with his hands tucked in the pocket he betrays that something might be hidden. Hidden palms indicate something held back.

Clenched hands indicate tension, discomfort or anger.

The hand, when placed to cover the mouth or the nose or to tug at the ear, reports that a lie may be concealed.

A limp handshake palm up betrays submission. A firm handshake palm down conveys strength and confidence.

A hand gripping the other hand, wrist or elbow attests a desire to quell rising anxiety. Change your tact or risk killing the conversation!

A hand behind the head betrays a need to fend anxiety, danger or discomfort.

Steepled hands bear power and proclaims confidence and business.

The hand stroking the chin indicates ongoing evaluation of something just said.

The hands flat on the table indicate readiness to agree.

The hands clenched behind the back project a desire to show control and power.

The foot, when tapping, says "Let me speak" or "I am bored." Hands on the hips show a defiant, commanding demeanor.

Body Language Magic

Body Language Magic

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