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Chapter 1 Understanding Body language

Non-Verbal Communication - This section enables you to decode the hidden meanings of individual gestures, vocal tones, and facial expressions. Furthermore, it stresses how you can use this hidden skill to maximize your people skills in order to come out a winner in any situation.

Instant Impact - Master the skill of reading body language clusters to understand exactly what is going on in your prospect's mind -- without being a mind reader. You will also realize how to send out subtle, subconsciously perceived signals that can give you a very favorable image. With these skills, you can become a charismatic charmer!

Chapter 2 Self Mastery and Rapport

Assertiveness 101 - To be persuasive, you must be assertive. Learn what your rights are and how to enforce them without guilt. Enjoy the rush of power when you speak your mind without fear!

Assertive Strategies To Deal With Problem Situations - At your disposal are powerful tools to assert your needs in any situation. Master these techniques and never again will you cower before stronger individuals.

Hot-wiring Your Mind for Assertive Behavior - You can make yourself permanently assertive. These effective methods reengineer your way of thinking so that you will be stronger and more influential.

The Human Driving Force - When you understand how people think and what drives their engine, you can influence their thoughts. This section teaches you the The Five Most Important Words in the Human Vocabulary as well as The Top Ten Human Needs. Knowing these allows you to say the right thing and push all the right buttons -- never again will someone say no to you.

Rapport - Rapport is magic. It's power bonds people together, opening a floodgate of wonderful feelings and tremendous, positive emotions. Compiled in this section are special tricks used by professionals and psychics to induce rapport in order to persuade effectively. Three potent methods are discussed to teach you how to make your point stand out -and bring results.

Chapter 3 The Arsenal of Verbal Persuasion

Persuasive Techniques - Once you've achieved mastery of the human thinking process, and induced the bond of rapport, it is time to make your persuasive pitch. You will learn specially crafted verbal gymnastics that can make whatever you say appear true. More importantly, these methods divulge secrets that enable you to shroud your words with such compelling power that resistance becomes futile.

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