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Chapter 1 Advanced Techniques to Induce Liking and Attraction

Attraction Secrets - Are you timid? Shy? Is it hard to speak up? This section enables you to "break the ice with any stranger, maintain conversations, convey your ideas, and build confidence and intimacy in all encounters. A few powerful formulas of attraction will enhance your life forever.

Chapter 2 Advanced Techniques to Manipulate Emotions

Defusing the Emotion Bomb - Resentment, ill-will and negativity prevent communication. Master the skill of defusing emotions. Present a convincing case despite tremendous resistance. Attract love; win admiration with a few simple techniques. Learn handy formula words and phrases that bring cooperation and rapport. Learn the single most important technique in this book that will attract others to you. You can rally disciples to your cause in any situation.

Chapter 3 Advanced Techniques for Romance and Seduction

The Science of Seduction - Seduction induces a magnetic bond. Get that man or woman to notice you. Talk and charm your way to love. Maintain and nurture that relationship. Seduction is the first step of the mating game. Scientific Seduction is more than mere sexual teasing and flirtation. Scientific Seduction plays upon the very core of the human psyche. Master this art and you'll never be alone.

Chapter 4 Overhauling your Entire Personality

The Golden Tongue - Your voice is a tremendous asset. Packed with powerful oratorical and conversational techniques this section enables you to sound good and look great even if you don't have anything worthy to say. Additionally, you will learn to modify your vocal quality, master power phrases and ask the right questions to bring compliance.

Chapter 5 Beating other Masters of Persuasion

Keep Winning - Eventually, you'll meet another master of persuasion. Here's a few more tools that'll enable you to come out a winner.

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