Prologue The Author Purchase of this Book


Prologue The Author Purchase of this Book

Deepest GratitudeTo

To dear parents, Grace and Rudy, who inspire and sustain me. You empowered me to keep fighting for my dreams

To Ruth Morales, who stokes the blaze that warms my heart and keeps my spirit forever alive. Those bear hugs brought immeasurable joy.

To my sister Therese and brothers Val and Marlon for adding the humor and spice to the drabness of living.

To Oliver Vigilia, long time compatriot from high school, Erico Abordo, Heidi Magnaye and everyone who made a splash in my life.

To Ms. Fe de Jesus, a master English teacher who held me in thrall with the power and beauty of the language.

To Ms. Diane Cerda, a dynamo in class and virtuoso writer.

To Ms. Antoinette Hernandez, Chairman of the Speech Communications Department, who personally coached me to victory. Your efforts won me the gold.

To the U.P. Debate Society where I learned to argue logically.

To my parrot that loved to watch TV from my shoulder. To God who made me who I am

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