About the Author

Tt t oseph R. Plazo acquired much of his skills through intense perusal of behavioral sciences, actual observation and tireless practice. At the age of 18 he burned with a passion to understand the human psyche. What makes humans tick? How does a man fall in love? Why do relationships go sour? Answering these questions can spur great changes that ultimately lead to personal success. This belief spurred him to write Ph.D of Persuasion

An architect by profession and an MBA by training, the author is a man of diverse interests. Life offers a bouquet of experiences that must be savored. With that belief, he plunged into numerous quests of learning, fun, and of course, professional development. Joseph Plazo truly epitomizes the appellation, Jack -of-all-Trades.

In due course, Joseph's interest in the arcane realm of psychology led him to master this field, refine it, and put into laymen's terms powerful techniques of persuasion, influence and seduction. These strategies were once practiced only by psychologists.

He seeks to share this knowledge with the world.

He ponders the meaning of existence in the idyllic suburbs of Quezon City, in the Philippines. This is his first book.

Goal oriented, and driven by a passion to leave an indelible mark on society.. .he plans to write 999 more.

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