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Unconscious movement and postures portray their attitude and inner feelings. It is a non-verbal means of communication that include; facial expression, eye contact, touch, and body movement. It can explain what a person can't speak and soon it was proven to be the foundation of dating and attraction. It is a book that gives guides in 3 different ways to win the desired women; how to behave around a woman, your responsibility, and explains (dating, attraction, and body language) and how it works. Nothing worse than guessing wrong. It brings negative things to include stress and panic, the probability of failing, and losing hope. Stop asking yourself what are women thinking play responsible and found out according to the tips the book provided. The 3 major roles are; dating is a stage of a romantic relationship where two people meet with aim of assessing each other's suitability as a prospective partner in a relationship. The attraction is the hidden power of evoking interest in or liking someone and things. Sexual body language is actions that speak on your behalf. When you buy the book you get bones, the project creates confidence in a person but not everyone can read. The book is fantastic everybody who wants a long partnership life should consulate the body language project. More here...

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Highly Recommended

This is one of the best ebooks I have read on this field. The writing style was simple and engaging. Content included was worth reading spending my precious time.

As a whole, this ebook contains everything you need to know about this subject. I would recommend it as a guide for beginners as well as experts and everyone in between.

International Body Language Masterclass

T Resident Body Language Expert & Consultant for The BBC, GMTV News, This Morning, Trisha Goddard Show, C4's Big Brother. Learn from this DVD set How to create instant rapport. How to be the Winner in business. How to deal with rudeness and aggression. How to trigger positive emotions. How to ensure you are never interrupted. How to know when someone is lying. All about flirting & attracting the opposite sex Plus numerous other Body Language secrets.

What Is Body Language

For those who have difficulty believing in body language, here's one way to look at it. To a gun toting mugger who speaks English, most of us would use body language and words to neutralize the threat. Body language Yes Raise your hands. Look as powerless and non-threatening as possible, In a pleading, helpless voice say, Take my money. Please don't shoot. I have two kids at home. A LANGUAGE WE ALL SPEAK The natural experts on body language are pets and kids. My cat knows when I'm angry with her, when I'm indifferent and when I'm ready to feed her. A child knows when Mommy's happy and when Daddy's lying. Cats have never read a body language book, and neither have kids, yet they know exactly what we (you, me, everyone) are feeling. As we are educated by our culture we lose our innate ability to read and speak body language. Everything is body language tone of voice, clearing our throats, rubbing our eyes, crossing our arms, tapping our toes, touching our nose everything except the...

Louder Than Words Reading Body Language

The woman sits alone in a noisy cafe. Her legs are tightly crossed her fingers clasp the edge of the table her head is down. She speaks to the menu when she mumbles her order. She misses the smile the waiter sends in her direction. At a glance, you can guess how she is feeling. Her body language says it all. Like it or not, our bodies send out messages constantly. Sometimes the message is clear. Other times, the message is conveyed more subtlety. Often we don't even realize what our bodies are telling the world. But by familiarizing ourselves with a few basic nonverbal signals, we can improve our ability to read the body language of others, as well as control our own. Our use of body language is largely unconscious. We get the message and we send the message--but we really aren't thinking about how we do it. To become more aware, says anthropologist David Givens, Ph.D., you have to have some kind of strategy for it. To increase awareness of your own body language, Phyllis Mindell,...

Body Language vs Verbal Language

But while verbal language can hide the truth, body language cannot. Note how our speech is peppered with colorful speech like Body language. It is the final barometer of the truth. It bares and reveals innermost thoughts. Anyone can tell a tall tale in a flat tone and appear credible. The tongue is so glib it can make the most outrageous appear factual. But understanding body language does more than help identify the current mental state of others. Expert knowledge of this nonverbal form of communication empowers you to project any image desired. This is where its study becomes so invaluable. Body language helps set the appropriate environment to persuasion. A master uses body language to subliminally influence his prospects. He creates irresistible messages that subconsciously persuade and control. Through special gestures, he communicates in a very subtle, yet forceful way. By combining verbal persuasion with subtle non-verbal persuasion, compliance becomes all too easy to obtain....

What Body Language Tell You That Words Cannot

Givens, why is it important for people to understand body language that is, communication by means of movements and gestures A The best salespeople, the best teachers, the best business managers have an innate ability to read body language and put it to profitable use. They adapt their presentation to the messages they pick up. is more eye contact. If they disagree, they unwittingly or unconsciously turn their bodies away from each other. Such signs are unmistakable forms of body language.

Judicial Body Language Can Speak to Juries

Esther Bauman, education officer for the court administration office, said Givens' study was to be used in training programs for judges. She said judges asked for the study so that they can pick up any kinds of ways in which they can improve their presentations, or of any body language they're not aware of.

What Your Body Language Should Be

Your appearance is part of your Body Language. Not the appearance you're born with, however, but the way you shape how you look. It is through how you rearrange your appearance that you transmit your sexuality to others. Part of doing this is learning how to read a woman's body language as well as projecting yours. Learn to size up the women around you and figure out who's interested. Look at the way they stand or sit. Make your choice and catch her eye. If she's interested, you'll see her respond to you in some fashion. If she doesn't, you might want to consider moving on to a different target. This works because you are essentially brushing aside her bad body language and intruding with your own. Unconsciously, other people want to open up with you, you just need to make them feel comfortable enough to do so. When you respond with the opposite body language, you communicate to the woman you're with that you're relaxed and open, and that it's safe for her to do the same.

The body language to Pushing and Pulling Qualifying Challenging and setting frames

So, in this chapter l am going to teach you guys how to use Pushing & Pulling, Qualifying & Challenging, and setting frames through body language. Let me start by giving you a couple of questions to think about. When you think of a judge's body language, what comes to mind When you think of a girl who is judging, screening, or qualifying a guy, what comes to mind Do you guys remember when l said in the last chapter that you never want to slam the door in her face, yet you never want to fully accept her Well this applies to body language too. If throughout the whole interaction with her, you only nonverbally qualify her, you are slamming the door in her face. Put in other words, this is all Pushing, without any Pulling. So if all you do is nonverbally qualify and push girls away from you, you will just come across as closed, weird, and creepy. Nonverbal Pulling and accepting is about opening up your body language things such as, uncrossing your arms, and standing with your chest...

The Power of Body Language

Everyone communicates through body language. While we may be consciously unaware of the meaning of body language, we are subconsciously fully cognizant of its message. We react to how someone behaves before us on a subliminal level. For instance, we automatically feel uneasy if our companion crosses his arms and legs and narrows his eyes. Subconsciously we interpret the body signals as beacons of resistance, even though we may never have studied this arcane subject. The resistance of our partner tends to incubate resistance within ourselves as well this causes us to cross our arms and legs in order to protect ourselves. The cycle of resistance ensues. The subsequent failure of the conversation looms imminently. Being knowledgeable of body language grants greater control to those wishing to influence any conversational ambiance. Through our actions we can set the tone - positive or negative - of any negotiation, meeting or one-on-one conversation. A master of this art will always adopt...

The right Body Language

With the right body language, when you enter a room, you will signal the I'm available, I'm masculine, I'm aggressive, and I know what I'm doing vibe to every woman there. And when you have your target in your sights, you can quickly and easily communicate to her I'm interested in you, you attract me, and I want to get to know you better.

How To Learn Body Language

Set aside at least fifteen minutes a day to study and read the gestures of other people, as well as acquiring a conscious awareness of your own gestures. A good reading ground is anywhere that people meet and interact. An airport is a particularly good place for observing the entire spectrum of human gestures, aspeople openly express eagerness, anger, sorrow, happiness, impatience and many other emotions through gestures. Social functions, business meetings and parties are also excellent. Having studied the art of body language, you can go to a party, sit alone in a corner all evening like a wallflower and have an exciting time just watching other people's body language rituals Television also offers an excellent way of learning nonverbal communication. Turn down the sound and try to understand what is happening by first watching the picture. By turning the sound up every five minutes, you will be able to check how accurate your non-verbal readings are and before long it will be...

Body language

Some people suggest that psychics base their readings on the so-called 'body language' of the client. In case you have been spared exposure to this 'science', body language is a popular term for the study of non-verbal communication, such as stance, facial expression, mannerisms and gestures. Body language may play a part in cold reading, as we will see later, but it usually plays only a minor role. It plainly cannot help with remote readings (e.g. readings by phone or by post). Moreover, the body language theory cannot account for psychics coming up with names, dates, or details about the past. At the risk of seeming sceptical about everything (which I am not), I might add that in my view body language is a very dubious 'science'. It seems to me that those aspects of body language which hold true tend to be obvious, while those which are not obvious are far from demonstrably true. However, this is not the place for a fuller discussion.

Faking Body Language

A commonly asked question is, 'Is it possible to fake your own body language ' The general answer to this question is 'no' because of the lack of congruence that is likely to occur in the use of the main gestures, the body's microsignals and the spoken The human mind seems to possess a fail-safe mechanism that registers 'tilt' when it receives a series of incongruent non-verbal messages. There are, however, some cases in which body language is deliberately faked to gain certain advantages. Take, for example, the Miss World or Miss Universe contest, in which each contestant uses studiously learned body movements to give the impression of warmth and sincerity. To the extent that each contestant can convey these signals, she will score points from the judges, but even the experts can only fake body language for a short period of time and eventually the body will emit signals that are independent of conscious actions. Many politicians are experts in faking body language in order to get...

Mirroring and Matching

To mirror someone is to do exactly as they do - 100 . This means that you mirror their posture, their gestures, their body language, their tone of voice, inflection and speaking rate, their disposition and even the way they breathe. But before attempting to lead or persuade the other person, find out first if you have successfully established rapport. Do this subtly at a nonverbal level by first synchronizing with some aspects of the other person's body language like facial expression, posture, or speech rate. Mirror that person briefly. After awhile, change your posture and wait to see if the other person responds. Rapport has been generated if the person moves to a mirror position of your new posture. If you get this complementary and positive response, it indicates that rapport exists and that persuasion efforts are primed for execution.

Lines Lies Or The Truth

Body Language Disguised Eye Rub Pictures

How can you tell if he's sincere Look at his body language. Is what he's saying with words in sync with what he's saying without words If anything is inconsistent, be on the alert. Probe deeper with subtle questions as you quietly concentrate on his gestures and the ever reliable vibrations. In Silence Of The Lambs, Anthony Hopkins convinced us all that he was Hannibal The Cannibal. Skilled actors and experienced liars, such as salespeople and politicians, can control themselves so that the vast part of their of their body language is in accord with their words. Body Language Anecdote-Becoming A True Believer A few days after watching a video of The Thomas Crown Affair, Joanna and I were gazing into each other's eyes as we sipped wine and nibbled hors d'oeuvres in a quiet restaurant three months into our relationship. All of a sudden, she forever lost her doubts about the validity of body language. skeptic, as most people are in the beginning. I had rented the movie as a subtle...

The American Figure 4 Leg Lock Position

Interview Sitting Position Body Language

Raged about the poor quality of management in most corporations in that industry and said he felt that this was a contributing factor to the industry's staffing problems. Throughout his speech the sales people in the audience were leaning forward showing interest, many using evaluation gestures, but the managers held their defensive positions. The salesman then changed his address to discuss what he believed the manager's role should be in relation to the sales people. Almost as if they were players in an orchestra who had been given a command by the orchestra leader, the managers shifted to the competitive argumentative position (Figure 81). It was obvious that they were mentally debating the salesman's point of view and many later confirmed that this had been the case. I noticed, however, that several managers had not taken this pose. After the meeting I asked them why, and, although most said they had also disagreed with the salesman's views, they were unable to sit in the figure 4...

Basic Persuasion Techniques

Chapter 1 Understanding Body language Instant Impact - Master the skill of reading body language clusters to understand exactly what is going on in your prospect's mind -- without being a mind reader. You will also realize how to send out subtle, subconsciously perceived signals that can give you a very favorable image. With these skills, you can become a charismatic charmer

Clusters Circumstances and Gestures in Daily Encounters

Interested Body Language

Has assumed an intimidating pose by pointing his body directly at the other man. His facial expression is also consistent with his body gestures. Figure 178In this scene the man on the left and the woman have mirrored each other's gestures and are forming 'bookends' on the couch. The couple are very interested in each other and have positioned their hands in such a way that they can expose their wrists and they have crossed their legs toward one another. The man in the middle has a tightlipped smile which can make him appear interested in what the other man has to say but it is not consistent with his other facial and body gestures. His head is down (disapproval) his eyebrows are also down (anger) and he is giving the other Figure 178In this scene the man on the left and the woman have mirrored each other's gestures and are forming 'bookends' on the couch. The couple are very interested in each other and have positioned their hands in such a way that they can expose their wrists and...

Getting Noticed Part I

Let's say her response, including tone of voice and body language, translates to, Jam it You say, Jim'll have them Saturday if you change your mind. Ease out of there smoothly. You do not want other women to notice what happened. Why not You'll see later on in a paragraph titled Butterfly Boys Get Swatted. Suck it up Maintain an outward appearance of confidence and relaxation. Do not go into the rejected, dejected mode. You know, that humiliated, tail-between-the-legs look. Your shoulders droop and your head is down as you shuffle away. That body language announces to every intuitive person in the room what just happened. By now, you do

Interpreting And Misinterpreting

The ability to accurately interpret hand-to-face gestures in a given set of circumstances takes considerable time and observation to acquire. We can confidently assume that, when a person uses one of the hand-to-face gestures just mentioned, a negative thought has entered his mind. The question is, what is the negative It could be doubt, deceit, uncertainty, exaggeration, apprehension or outright lying. The real skill of interpretation is the ability to pick which of the negatives mentioned is the correct one. This can best be done by an analysis of the gestures preceding the hand-to-face gesture and interpreting it in context. I recently interviewed a young man who had arrived from overseas for a position in our company. Throughout the interview he kept his arms and legs crossed, used critical evaluation clusters, had very little palm exposure and his gaze met mine less than one-third of the time. Something was obviously worrying him, but at that point in the interview I did not have...

Courtship Gestures and Signals

Courtship Behaviour Human

The success that people have in sexual encounters with members of the opposite sex is directly related to their ability to send courtship signals and to recognise those being sent back. Women are aware of the courtship gestures, as they are aware of most other body gestures, but men are far less perceptive, often being totally blind to them.

The Ankle Lock Gesture

There are always people who claim that they habitually sit in the ankle lock position, or for that matter, any of the negative arm and leg clusters, because they feel comfortable. If you are one of these people, remember that any arm or leg position will feel comfortable when you have a defensive, negative or reserved attitude. Considering that a negative gesture can increase or prolong a negative attitude, and that other people interpret you as being defensive or negative, you would be well advised to practise using positive and open gestures to improve your self-confidence and relationships with others.

Other Factors Affecting Interpretation

Someone who wears ill-fitting or tight clothing may be unable to use certain gestures, and this can affect use of body language. This applies to a minority of people, but it is important to consider what effect a person's physical restrictions or disabilities may have on his or her body movement.

Framework for Understanding

It seems almost incredible that, over the million or more years of man's evolution, the non-verbal aspects of communication have been actively studied on any scale only since the 1960s and that the public has become aware of their existence only since Julius Fast published a book about body language in 1970. This was a summary of the work done by behavioural scientists on nonverbal communication up until that time, and even today, most people are still ignorant of the existence of body language, let alone its importance in their lives. As far as the technical study of body language goes, perhaps the most influential pre-twentieth-century work was Charles Darwin's The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals published in 1872. This spawned the modern studies of facial expressions and body language and many of Darwin's ideas and observations have since been validated by modern researchers around the world. Since that time, researchers have noted and recorded almost one million...

Carbon Copies and Mirror Images

This unconscious mimicry is quite interesting to observe. Take for example, the two men standing at the hotel bar in Figure 134. They have mirrored each other's gestures and it is reasonable to assume that they are discussing a topic upon which they have the same thoughts and feelings. If one man uncrosses his arms and legs or stands on the other foot, the other will follow. If one puts his hand in his pocket, the other will copy and this mimicry will continue for as long as the two men are in agreement. This copying also occurs among good friends or people at the same status level and it is common to see married couples walk, stand, sit and move in identical ways. Scheflen found that people who are strangers studiously avoid holding mutual positions. The significance of carbon copying can be one of the most important non-verbal lessons we can learn, for this is one way that others tell us that they agree with us or like us. It is also a way for us to tell others that we like them, by...

How To Tell Lies Successfully

The difficulty with lying is that the subconscious mind acts automatically and independently of our verbal lie, so our body language gives us away. This is why people who rarely tell lies are easily caught, regardless of how convincing they may sound. The moment they begin to lie, the body sends out contradictory signals, and these give us our feeling that they are not telling the truth. During the lie, the subconscious mind sends out nervous energy that appears as a gesture that can contradict what the person said. Some people whose jobs involve lying, such as politicians, lawyers, actors and television announcers, have refined their body gestures to the point where it is difficult to 'see' the lie, and people fall for it, hook, line and sinker. They refine their gestures in one of two ways. First, they practise what 'feel' like the right gestures when they tell the lie, but this is only successful when they have practised telling numerous lies over long periods of time. Second, they...

Chair Size and Accessories

Swivel chairs have more power and status than fixed chairs, allowing the user freedom of movement when he is placed under pressure. Fixed chairs allow little or no movement and this lack of movement is compensated by body gestures that can reveal a person's attitudes and feelings. Chairs with arm rests, those that lean back and those that have wheels are better than chairs that have not.

The Standard Leg Cross Position

One leg is crossed neatly over the other, usually the right over the left. This is the normal crossed-leg position used by European, British, Australian and New Zealand cultures and may be used to show a nervous, reserved or defensive attitude. However, this is usually a supportive gesture that occurs with other negative gestures and should not be interpreted in isolation or out of context. For example, people often sit like this during lectures or if they are on uncomfortable chairs for long periods. It is also common to see this gesture in cold weather. When the crossed legs gesture is combined with crossed arms (Figure 80), the person has withdrawn from the conversation. A sales person would be very foolish even to attempt to ask for a decision from a buyer when he has taken this pose, and the sales person should ask probing questions to uncover his objection. This pose is popular among women in most countries, particularly to show their displeasure with a husband or boyfriend.

Seated Body Formations

Comportement Non Verbal Entreprise

Achieve this objective, you feel that you will need to use direct questions that require direct answers and may put the subordinate under pressure. At times you will also need to show the subordinate that you understand his feelings and, from time to time, that you agree with his thoughts or actions. How can you non-verbally convey these attitudes using body formations Leaving aside interview and questioning techniques for these illustrations, consider the following points (1) The fact that the counselling session is in your office and that you are the boss allows you to move from behind your desk to the employee's side of the desk (the co-operative position) and still maintain unspoken control. (2) The subordinate should be seated on a chair with fixed legs and no arms, one that forces him to use body gestures and postures that will give you a better understanding of his attitudes. (3) You should be sitting on a swivel chair with arms, giving you more control and letting you...

Perceptiveness Intuition And Hunches

From a technical point of view, whenever we call someone 'perceptive' or 'intuitive', we are referring to his or her ability to read another person's non-verbal cues and to compare these cues with verbal signals. In other words, when we say that we have a 'hunch' or 'gut feeling' that someone has told us a lie, we really mean that their body language and their spoken words do not agree. This is also what speakers call audience awareness, or relating to a group. For example, if the audience were sitting back in their seats with chins down and arms crossed on their chest, a 'perceptive' speaker would get a hunch or feeling that his delivery was not going across. He would become aware that he needed to take a different approach to gain audience involvement. Likewise, a speaker who was not 'perceptive' would blunder on regardless.

Putting It All Together

Communication through body language has been going on for over a million years but has only been scientifically studied to any extent in the last twenty years or so it became popular during the 1970s. By the end of this century it will have been 'discovered' by people throughout the world and I predict that its impact and meaning in human communication will be part of formal education. This book has served as an introduction to body language and I encourage you to seek further knowledge through your own research and experience and through the examples given.

Intentional Use Of Palms To Deceive

The reader may ask, 'Do you mean that if I tell lies with my palms visible, people will believe me ' The answer to this is yes - and no. If you tell an outright lie with your palms exposed, you may still appear insincere to your listeners because many of the other gestures that should also be visible when displaying honesty will be absent and the negative gestures used when lying will be visible and therefore inconsistent with the open palms. As already noted, con men and professional liars are people who have developed the special art of making their nonverbal signals complement their verbal lies. The more effectively the professional con man can use the non-verbal gestures of honesty when telling a lie, the better he is at his vocation.

Raise Your Awareness

Look around. Notice if anyone is mirroring another person's body language. They may be interested in each other, then again, they could simply be in the same emotional state. Look for other signals to confirm or deny the interest you suspect. At the same time, consciously adopt the body language of the person you'd like to meet and talk with. FIRST CONVERSATION SIGNALS

Gaze Behaviour

Like most body language and gestures, the length of time that one person gazes at another is culturally determined. Southern Europeans have a high frequency of gaze that may be offensive to others and the Japanese gaze at the neck rather than at the face when conversing. Always be sure to consider cultural circumstances before jumping to conclusions.

Cigarette Smokers

Head Motion Body Languages

If a card player who is smoking is dealt a god hand, he is likely to blow the smoke upwards, whereas a poor hand may cause him blow it downwards. Some card players see a 'poker face' when playing cards as a method of not displaying any body signals that may give them away, while other players like to be actors and use misleading body language to lull the other players into a false sense of security. If, for example, a poker layer were dealt four aces and he wanted to bluff the other players, he could throw the cards face down on the table in disgust and then curse, swear or fold his arms and put on a non-verbal display that would indicate that he had been dealt a poor hand. But then he quietly sits back and draws on his cigarette and blows the smoke upwards Having read this chapter, you will now be aware that it would be unwise for the other players to play

Self Empowerment

Tactics such as body language, rapport, neurolinguistic programming and assertiveness training. The final chapters unifies and assembles these components into structured templates -powerful weapons of body language, language patterns and subtle behaviour, that when combined together, yield an irresistible force for persuasion.

Gesture Clusters

Clusters Body Language

One of the most serious mistakes a novice in body language can make is to interpret a solitary gesture in isolation of other gestures or other circumstances. For example, scratching the head can mean a number of things -dandruff, fleas, sweating, uncertainty, forgetfulness or lying, depending on the other gestures that occur at the same time, so we must always look at gesture clusters for a correct reading. Like any other language, body language consists of words, sentences and punctuation. Each gesture is like a single word and a word may have several different meanings. It is only when you put the word into a sentence with other words that you can fully understand its meaning. Gestures come in 'sentences' and invariably tell the truth about a person's feelings or attitudes. The 'perceptive' person is one who can read the non-verbal sentences and accurately match them against the person's verbal sentences.

Steepling Hands

The Lowered Steeple Body Language

I stated at the beginning of this book that gestures come in clusters, like words in a sentence, and that they must be interpreted in the context in which they are observed. 'Steepling', as Birdwhistell called it, can be an exception to these rules, as it is often used in isolation of other gestures. In fact, people who are confident, superior types or who use minimal or restricted body gestures often use this gesture, and, by doing so, they signal their confident attitude. Although the steeple gesture is a positive signal, it can be used in either positive or negative circumstances and may be misinterpreted. For example, a salesman presenting his product to a potential buyer may have observed several positive gestures given by the buyer during the interview. These could include open palms, leaning forward, head up and so on. Let's say that towards the end of the sales presentation the customer takes one of the steeple positions. If the steeple follows a series of other positive...

Chin Stroking

The next time you have the opportunity to present an idea to a group of people, watch them carefully as you give your idea and you will notice something fascinating. Most, if not all the members of your audience will bring one hand up to their faces and begin to use evaluation gestures. As you come to the conclusion of your presentation and ask for the group to give opinions or suggestions about the idea, the evaluation gestures will cease. One hand will move to the chin and begin a chin-stroking gesture. This chin-stroking gesture is the signal that the listener is making a decision. When you have asked the listeners for a decision and their gestures have changed from evaluation to decision-making, the following movements will indicate whether their decision is negative or positive. A sales person would be foolish to interrupt or to speak when a buyer begins the chin-stroking gesture after he has been asked for a decision to purchase. His best strategy would be a careful observation...

Deceit Doubt Lying

One of the most commonly used symbols of deceit is that of the three wise monkeys who hear, speak and see no evil. The hand-to-face actions depicted form the basis of the human deceit gestures (Figure 53). In other words, when we see, speak and hear untruths or deceit, we often attempt to cover our mouth, eyes or ears with our hands. We have already mentioned that children use these obvious deceit gestures quite openly. If the young child tells a lie, he will often cover his mouth with his hands in an attempt to stop the deceitful words from coming out. If he does not wish to listen to a reprimanding parent, he simply covers his ears with his hands. When he sees something he doesn't wish to look at, he covers his eyes with his hands or arms. As a person becomes older, the hand-to-face gestures become more refined and less obvious but they still occur when a person is lying, covering up or witnessing deceit deceit can also mean doubt, uncertainty, lying or exaggeration. When someone...

The FK Method

Method stresses the importance of utilizing both verbal and non-verbal communication to bring forth receptivity. In the Pre Conversation phase, you evaluate yourself and actively adopt the necessary body language to promote positive contact. In the Conversation phase, you get down to business and make the final approach to success. Many poor conversationalists don't realize that negative body language account for their failure in communication. These unfortunate people adopt non-receptive body language (discussed earlier in the book) and stifle conversation before it even commences. To make non-verbal communication work for you, you can use a softening technique. The softening technique makes your initial impression work for you. The softening technique consists of a set of handy body language gestures that will make people more receptive to your attempts at contact. Initiating conversations become easier. A genius came up with this mnemonic (not me). Sometimes, remembering the entire...

Great Stuff

2-HOUR VIDEO Dress For Success and Body Language Seminar See it. Listen to it. Understand it. RETAIN it. Watch it again. Make notes. Listen to it again. READ the book again. Within a few weeks, the entire subject is burned into your memory. Then, when you are sitting in a cafe doing Body Language Secrets homework (watching couples and NOT listening to the words) your storehouse of information is readily available. Body Language becomes something you speak, read, transmit and receive TWO HOUR VIDEO TAPE Don Steele Versus TV Talk Show Hosts Plus Body Language From Seminars Watch me battle Jenny Jones, Jane Whitney, Mon-tel Williams and the ball busters in their audiences. Everybody loves this Me too After the shows, I added some home video from my seminars on body language. After the last TV show, home video from seminars gives you some fundamental body language. It's a good primer and gets you prepared to notice her basic signals and postures. This is the perfect complement to Body...

Openness And Honesty

One of the most valuable ways of discovering whether someone is being open and honest or not is to look for palm displays. Just as a dog will expose its throat to show submission or surrender to the victor, so the human animal uses his or her palms to display the same attitude or emotion. For example, when people wish to be totally open or honest they will hold one or both palms out to the other person and say something like, 'Let me be completely open with you' (Figure 16). When someone begins to open up or be truthful, he will expose all or part of his palms to another person. Like most body language, this is a completely unconscious gesture, one that gives you a feeling or hunch that the other person is telling the truth. When a child is lying or concealing something, his palms are hidden behind his back. Similarly, a husband who wants to conceal his whereabouts after a night out with the boys will often hide his palms in his

Basic Head Positions

There are three basic head positions. The first is with the head up (Figure 93) and is the position taken by the person who has a neutral attitude about what he is hearing. The head usually remains still and may occasionally give small nods. Hand-to-cheek evaluation gestures are often used with this position. When the head tilts to one side it shows that interest has developed (Figure 94). Charles Darwin was one of the first to note that humans, as well as animals, tilt their heads to one side when they become interested in something. If you are giving a sales presentation or delivering a speech, always make a point of looking for this gesture among your audience. When you see them tilt their heads and lean forward using hand-to-chin evaluation gestures, you are getting the point across. Women use this head position to show interest in an attractive male. When others are speaking to you, all you need do is use the head-tilted position and head nods to make the listener feel warm...

Strategy Mirror

To generate rapport using the Strategy Mirror, first understand that for every decision one makes, an internal thinking template is followed. Everyone processes thoughts in a certain pattern. For instance, he may first do it visually, then kinesthetically then auditory. He may mix it up in whatever combination. The key to mirroring under this method is to decipher your prospect's decision making process and then to mirror it back to him. The principle is essentially similar to the mirror and matching technique, except that you mirror thought forms and decision making processes instead of body language.

The V Sign

These examples show that cultural misinterpretation of gestures can produce embarrassing results and that a person's cultural background should always be considered before jumping to conclusions about his or her body language or gestures. Therefore, unless otherwise specified, our discussion should be considered culturally specific, that is, generally pertaining to adult, white middle class people raised in Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, North America and other places where English is the primary language.

Whats It All About

Nearly every book on dating and relating, as well as many books on body language, are written by experts as opposed to doers. What's a doer Someone who does what he, or she, is helping you learn. THIS BOOK IS REALISTIC Unlike most self-help books, this is a how-to book, when-to book, what-to book and who-to book by a man who has used, and taught, courtship body language for the past 25 years, and continues to Date the right kind of person. This is the essence of the book. All of the body language and most of the concrete, practical methods and strategies come together to make it possible for you to identify, then attract the right kind of person. IS BODY LANGUAGE FOR REAL About 70 years later, the science of kinesics, the technical name for body language, was formalized by Dr. Ray Birdwhistell in the early 1950s. However, I learned the most about this fascinating subject by working with psychotherapist Nathaniel Branden, PhD and from books by Albert E. Scheflen and Gerald I....

Its Not What You Do Its the Way That You Do It

When you get it right (which will take time), you will understand stagecraft and body language. You will understand what bits of yourself others like, and you expand on them and exploit them. You also won't mind audiences seeing your every emotion. We have already asked you to read about acting, and with that will come the learning of stagecraft, body language etc. We also asked you to observe yourselves. Whereas it is true that you are 'acting' the part of a magician, and that it's possible within that role to be a character, say from the past or future, isn't it interesting that the really big names of magic have all played the part of the magician in an enlarged version of their own personality.

Usage Rapport shows in a reduced angular distance b direct body alignment c mutual eye contact and d palmup cues and in

We can observe how in human beings conversation is practiced as a bond-forming ritual. In such conversations hardly any factual information is passed on, as they consist largely of extremely banal, constantly repeated statements concerning such matters as the weather (Eibl-Eibesfeldt 1971 151). 2. Salesmen may court prospects over lunch, using the full range of seductive units to solicit a warm social bond which may be exploited economically. . . (Givens 1978A 358). 3. More smiling, facial pleasantness, head nods, frequent and open gestures, and eyebrow raises have the same effects as more gaze They accompany a desire for intimacy. . . (Burgoon et al. 1989 322).

Whys everyone picking on MINE99

You know, I was really excited when I saw a post in the Advanced forum from MINE'99 on body language. For once I thought he might actually be sharing teaching something good and contributing to the community without having to put someone down or make himself look superior. And he does share some good stuff, while, of course, putting people down and making himself feel superior. Which is sad, because I know -- I KNOW that MINE'99 has good stuff to teach and share, and yet he does it in such a negative way, as evidenced by the replies he gets, such as

N ink Like Your Charactei

bring this up because i want you to realize that much characterization comes from within. Watch Carol O'Connor as Archie Bunker on All hi The Family, When Edith says something that Archie felt was particularly stupid, the camera zooms to a close-up of Archie's face. Without saying a word, his eyebrow would arch upwards and you just knew what he was thinking. You could sec it in his eyes and in his body language. The whole purpose of this chapter is to help you learn that the thoughts that go through your head affect, even unconsciously, your body language, facial expressions and physical movements of the hand* and feet. When i perform, 1 want to convince the audience that I am a magician and so, I must think like one.

Nonverbally Matching A Person For Rapport

The best way to get someone to change emotional states is to match the emotional state, gain rapport with the person, and then lead them into a new emotional state. This is why people tend to get angrier when someone tells them in the calmest, most peaceful voice to calm down. Customers who complain about something get infuriated when someone on the other line tells them to take a deep breath and relax. Customer service agents who know this material will match the customer by empathizing with them in the same tonality and body language how they have an absolute right to be angry, frustrated, or whatever. Following this, the customer service agent has rapport established and can then shift into a calmer, more resourceful state that allows the problem to be solved.

Rapid Fire Confidence At Will

State the Puma has as you completely become aware of just how easily you are going to devour your prey. To even more fully experience this confident state, let loose with a GROWWWLLL that rivals the best pumas alive. Doing this helps to associate this powerful state with the sound of the growl. After you do this exercise, you will be able to simply growl inside your mind and immediately go back into unstoppable confidence. Since I've done this exercise many times, I can growl and instantly transform my internally what I see, hear, and feel and my body language shifts into that of unstoppable confidence. To have your unstoppable confidence at will, all you will ever need to do again is to stop for a moment, close your eyes, growl (inside your mind) for a moment and become the puma.

The Cigarette through Shirt as Misdirection for Extensive Thievery

Much of the time, this is fine for our purposes, but it is not what we really want here. Consider this alternative handling. You have stolen the watch, and have it casually held unseen in your left hand. You are sat some distance from the spectator. You are having a conversation about aspects of the magic and mind-reading, and are allowing your tone to become serious and gently imposing rather than light-hearted By maintaining eye-contact and lowering your voice, you allow your words to develop a hypnotic quality. Your body language and non-verbal communication suggest complete seriousness on your part, and the spectator is drawn into that. You continue talking, and say, 1 would demonstrate more of what I mean, but I do not have the time now. You've sat there listening to me br a while, haven't you What is the You stop and suddenly surge in your seat. You close your eyes and inhale deeply, clenching your left fist around the watch and bringing it up in front of you. - time, anyway you...

Schneider Classic Vanish

This vanish evolved in an attempt to solve some problems with the Schneider Vanish. Often in my coin work I must vanish a coin, then immediately pick up something with the hand that palmed the coin. The simple finger palm was sometimes a bit awkward. The Classic Palm however, allowed the hand to move freely, so I took a look at it. The vanish which resulted duplicates the real motion of a coin moved from one hand to another. Of course coin vanishes wherein the coin ends up in the Classic Palm have been around for a long time. The problem with them was that there was always an extra motion in moving the coin to that position. This violates the one-point-in-beat misdirection principal. Then in other vanishes utilizing the Classic Palm the motions were not real, hence violating good body language.

International Man of Mystery

Lenguaje Corporal Internacional

His ability to speak and understand several languages certainly helped him perform abroad but he has long been an advocate of clear simple English which when combined with the right body language can create a basic language that can be easily understood by foreign audiences. It is a strategy he has put to good use over the years and enabled him to work shows that few others could have dreamed of doing.

The Psychic vs The Psychological Performance

Banachek was the first to openly state he was not using psychic powers, but a developed set of psychological techniques and intuition, in print. Chan Canasta held a similar position and played the role to utter perfection. For me there are certain things that simply cannot be explained using psychology as a presentation. For example, how do we know that a spectator has a brother named John simply from reading their body language This is really a much more complex issue than it first appears it would be much easier to forget morals and claim all out psychic power - however, I for one could not do that. If I could somehow introduce the notion that I use a mixture of the two without stating flat out that I did, I could then cross over into both markets, so to speak. I could appeal to those ready to believe in psychic power, and also those who think of such things as ludicrous, all the while not appearing to be a fake mind reader. Here is my personal approach that I use in my shows at...

The Art of Flirting Whats Your Body Saying

When it comes to flirting what isn't said can often be much more important than what is. Before eyelash-batting Romeos and Juliets even open their mouths, body language has already sent a stream of signals to that certain someone across the bar. This nonverbal communication relays everything from let's meet up later to back off, loser The neck, though an important facet of body language, is just one of many nonverbal cues that flirters should be on the lookout for. Another is the ubiquitous head tilt -- a posture that crosses cultures. It indicates coyness, submission and self-protection. Those indications signal to a potential partner that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Technique 6 The Introductory Bait

Studies say approximately 75 of communication comes through body language. So here's the complete course in getting your's shaped up to express confidence, composure and credibility. You'll also learn how to read the other person's body language to unearth their hidden messages or tell if they are lying. And master Eyeball Selling, a technique to convince your listener of your ideas by watching their movements. Finally, you'll learn how to tell if The study of body language is a science called ________. How can you tell if someone is lying by watching their body language To replace the body language part of you communication, on the phone use verbal equivalents. What is your verbal equivalent of

Instant Rapport Through Mirroring

When two or more people are in rapport with one another, an interesting thing occurs. Their body physiology (i.e., their body language) becomes similar and they begin to match one another. How can we use this to our benefit We can consciously match someone else's body language in order to increase our perceived similarity to them. While increasing the similarity to them, you simultaneously lessen the differences between yourself and them. This technique is called matching and mirroring because you will become a mirror image of them. When I first learned this technique, I confused it with mimicking. Mimicking is something that young children do to their parents to annoy them. We are not mimicking another individual. Instead, we are increasing our similarity to them by mirroring their body language, which will engender a greater understanding of their point of view. Mirroring is actually more respectful than doing nothing at all since you are doing whatever it takes to understand them...

Your Secretly Shamed Affection Needs

How do you distinguish the difference between a simple fear of rejection and the more complicated dynamic of shamed affection needs Well, do you find that it's still impossible for you to approach a woman even when she's sending you GO signals all over the place with body language cues and unmistakable flirtatious behavior Or to up the ante and show your interest in dating her if you have managed to strike up a conversation If she's making it clear that she's not going to reject you, then what's there to be afraid of That's right you're afraid to reveal your secret weakness that you need love and affection just like everyone else. Shameful

Your body doesnt know how to

Does his body say that he's an easy man to beat Does her body say that she's a phoney --Book jacket of Body Language (1970) Anatomical signs. 1. The bodily gestures, postures, and facial expressions by which a person communicates nonverbally with others (Soukhanov 1992 211). 2. Body language and kinesics are based on the behavioral patterns of nonverbal communication, but kinesics is still so new as a science that its authorities can be counted on the fingers of one hand (Fast 1970 9). Usage Body language, the lay term for nonverbal communication, was popularized in 1970 with the publication of Body Language by Julius Fast. Though college textbooks (e.g., Burgoon et al. 1989) omit references to the book and its author, Julius Fast--more than any academic--brought public attention to the expressive force of gestures and body-motion cues. The negative. On the downside, Fast oversold body language to the public by suggesting (on the book's dust cover) that kinesic cues could be used to...

New York Drops Its Game Face

Stanford University who studies body language and facial expression. Mr. Gabler said that he has never thought of New York as a geographical place, but as a zone of shared body language, which can register isolation or compassion with equal force. New York is a city of no contact, where you don't even know your neighbor and every man is an island, he said. And suddenly, we find ourselves all together on that island.

How to meet women

To really make conversational openers work you need to convey, at first, that all you want is her opinion, and that you have no interest in even being friends with her. So be aware of your body language. If your body language is conveying that you really want to be liked and accepted, women will pick up this. Women are in tune with this stuff.

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Body language and facial expression are age-old elements of human communication, but our understanding of them is just beginning to form. Words haven't really evolved to replace the signs and signals and cues, only a few of which even make it to consciousness, like the smile, says David Givens, director of the Center for Nonverbal Studies in Spokane, Washington. Meaning. Through its shape, color, texture, and lifelike movements, the Superball has a great deal to say, especially to children and to the young at heart. Nonverbally, its body-language motions are gestures which carry information, attract our fancy, and catch our eyes (see MESSAGING FEATURE). RESEARCH REPORT Our attraction to the zany body language of Superballs is due, in part, to the unusual amount of energy they contain. According to the researcher, Margaret D. Campbell, . . . when two superballs of different masses are dropped with the larger on the bottom, the smaller one has its velocity increased by a factor of three...

Weasel Phrases and Embedded Commands

Now, this pattern is an incredible mind-fuck What you're doing is describing the process, obtaining her agreement by asking, Right , making sure she's feeling what it's like, by asking, Can you remember how that felt or You remember that feeling, don't you ,. and then linking it to you by your gestures, putting the picture frame around your face (damn that's clever they NEVER catch that one ), and also just by virtue of her looking at you as she re-experiences these feelings. Finally, you're giving her a command at the end of the pattern to experience it instantly with you

Coin In Hand Mentalism

In this case you really are attempting to read their body language to psychologically arrive at the correct choice, and there is always a danger that you will get it wrong I have seen Derren get this one wrong and it cost him 50 quid - though this is unusual The secret to predicting which hand the coin is in relies upon learning to recognise a very subtle piece of body language which has been known to magicians for a very long time. You have asked that when the subject brings their hands out from behind their back they concentrate really hard on the hand with the coin in. While they are doing this you are looking right at the very tip of their nose

The Seven Perfect Attributes in Men that Women Would Love to

A dominant male is calm and in control, right So a passive, got-my-shit-together approach is always better than a frantic, nervous one. Of course, you can't act completely aloof unless you're an famous athlete or celebrity of some kind, in which case your reputation has preceded you and done all the preliminary work of seduction in advance. However, normal guys like us have to walk a fine line between showing complete disinterest in a woman and behaving like a silly lapdog. Advertise your delight in meeting her with crisp eye contact and a gentle smile, but keep your flirting subtle. Act friendly and show that your intrigued by her feminine charm, but communicate most of it non-verbally through the use of open body language and a mischievous gleam in your eye. As your confidence rises with the techniques you'll be learning about throughout this book, I'm sure you won't even have to think about stuff like this consciously for very much longer.

Performance Tips

1 - Most people do not believe in mind-reading as fact but they are more likely to believe you can read body language or influence behavior. To assist with this, set a mood and enhance your tricks by dressing them up as psychological illusions. Subtly suggest you are picking up on unconscious body language such as micro-expressions of the facial muscles, tone of voice, body stance and hesitation.

Night Writer Wayne Kyzer

I do not subscribe to being an actor playing the part of a magician. I do believe that acting skills can enhance the performance of magic. Acting and magic have some parallels. Acting is a form of lying since you are making a viewer believe in something that is not true. Magicians do the same thing. Some of the techniques relate, others do not. Through the selective use of body language and or words, the magician must 'act' in order for the spectators to accept a false premise. It is knowing when and how to cross over to the other arts which separates the great magicians from the average.

Main Key to this Game

Swinggcat Well, regardless, the reason for this is that a person's body language, facial expression, personality, and beliefs about themselves dramatically affect how attractive others find them. Think of the body as a musical instrument. An amateur musician playing something on a really fancy musical instrument is still not going to sound as good as a professional musician playing something on a shitty instrument. Likewise, a guy who is not conventionally good looking who knows how to use his body, is going to be infinitely more attractive than a conventionally good looking guy who doesn't know how to use his body. Its so funny, but when a guy who is not conventionally good looking knows how to use his body, facial expressions, and personality, women will talk about how physically attractive they find him. I have seen women say this about little tiny bald guys and big fat bastards. it is really hilarious to watch. When you make her look away she is reacting to you, thus, she is in...

Language of Love Shares Many Traits

The embarrassing cross-cultural misunderstandings that can ensue are documented with relish by Roger Axtell in his painstaking survey of body language around the world, Gestures. There is a 'dance' done by an American or European freshly arrived in Latin America who is confronted by a sudden and startling custom of closeness, he writes. The first reaction of the visitor is to step backward. But the Latin will follow. So the visitor steps back again. The Latin follows. And so it goes, in a poorly choreographed tango.

Secret 1 The Vertical Scan

This is a major body language cue, and one that is hard to pick up if you're not paying attention. Think about a woman you've seen that you found attractive. What did you do Catch one look at her face, then looked down over her body, going from head to foot, right This is one of my favorite body language cues, because when this happens, you know you're in the home stretch

Te Bah Pla and Name Discovery

The name was known to David before the demonstration, just as it had been on his television show. Peter Cook had written the name down earlier in the day. He hadn't told anyone the name and said so on the show. The audience took this to mean that he had just thought of it. They knew nothing of any writing or other selection procedures. To the audience it looked as if David discerned the name through some process of reading body language and facial expressions although no such claim was actually made.

Effect 23 Wallet Watch Coin

Turn around and explain that through subtle use of body language, you can determine which object was placed in which pocket. After looking him up and down for a while, you correctly name the location of each object, Explaining that the effect is achieved through subtle body language is a nice double entendre. You are reading body language - but its a secret language between you and your confederate, not that of the spectator You can also explain that people tend to respond to certain psychological principles. As an example you state that most men place the wallet in their right trouser pocket, or most men place the watch in their right trouser pocket, whatever is the case.

Courtroom Signs outgoing Make Your Argument Convincing Credible Memorable

Nonverbal techniques that lock your argument in verbal memory Physical approach to reclaim juror attention Body language addressing your opponent's psyche Nonverbal signs to mark your cross Positive demeanor dominates a hostile witness Gestures that target emotion centers of the brain While your opponent cross-examines, steeple Clothing fosters credibility in court (special mention your shoes) Hark to your tone of voice When to touch the jury railing Should you invade your opponent's personal space Mark your oral argument's verbal structure with body movements

Nonverbal Learning Disorder

A frequently misdiagnosed state of anxiety, confusion, and social withdrawal caused by inabilities to send and receive common gestures, facial expressions, and body-language cues. 2. NLD persons may a. misread everyday nonverbal signals, b. display awkward body movements, and c. have difficulty associating visual signs in space and time.

Tape 4b Let Your Body Do The Talking

Studies say approximately 75 of communication comes through body language. So here's the complete course in getting yours shaped up to express confidence, composure and credibility. You'll also learn how to read the other person's body language to unearth their hidden messages or tell if they are lying. And master Eyeball Selling, a technique to convince your listener of your ideas by watching their movements. Finally, you'll learn how to tell if someone of the opposite sex finds you attractive.

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The idea that body language taps into non-conscious thought is not a new one. It has spawned generations of self-help books on how to succeed in interviews, or read the signs that your boss fancies you. Consider the indentation at the base of the neck, says David Givens, director of the Center for Nonverbal Studies in Spokane, Washington. Revealing it is a universal sign of submission and approachability in all mammals and a courtship cue in humans. So a man who loosens his tie in the presence of a potential mate may unwittingly be expressing his attraction (New Scientist, Spinney 2000 ).

Note 3 Making people like you

In the section on 'Meeting and greeting' I referred to Nicholas Boothman's book, 'How to Make Anyone Like You in 90 Seconds Or Less'. At the time of writing this is available from the usual high street or online sources. The cover blurb says, 'Learn to read body language, synchronize behaviour and make warm, meaningful connections. For all occasions, business, social and personal'. I have reservations about some of the material, but I think it's a fine introduction to non-verbal communication and techniques for promoting good rapport.

Keys to Sex on the First Date

Here's where it's come in handy for me especially A first meeting, especially if it's from the personals. I don't know the WHY of it, but it's true. In the first location, I can see her body language go from closed off to interested. But then it hits a ceiling. So we take a walk to the next location (a lounge or bar), and on the walk and arrival, the rapport builds for some reason. So in the second location, a *close is now possible. If we had stayed in the first location too long, the mood would have eventually staled and we both would have become uncomfortable.

If you are going to going in for hypnosis or hypnotherapy you will need to develop similar skills

By this stage you should be aware that that you can tell a great deal more from the friend's response than simply 'yes' or 'no'. You can assess the tone of voice or the speed and size of head movement and perhaps other body language quite enough to be able to think to yourself that the response was one of enthusiastic

Nonverbal Surveillance

The act of observing the behavior and body language of persons or groups under suspicion. 2. Systematic observations, openly made as well as covert, conducted in airports, at border crossings, and in other public venues, often for reasons of national security.

Swish Into Confidence

Yourself and how you want to behave instead of how you currently do. See that strong, confident body language, facial expressions, and gestures, and make sure that when you think about your ideal self, you feel really motivated to be that way. If you don't feel a strong sense of motivation, then adjust the image of your ideal self until you do. Make this picture small, dark, and far away at first, and practice making this picture really big, really bright, and really close as rapidly as you can say out loud, swish Practice this enough times until you can do it easily.

The Influence of Non Verbal Communication

According to Gregory Bateson, only about 8 of the information communicated in an interaction is carricd in the words, or 'digital' part of the interaction. The other 92 is communicated non-verbally, through the 'analog' system. The 'analog' aspects of communication include body language as wrell as the information carried in the auditory tonal part of the interaction, such as voice tone, tempo and volume. For example, the way that a joke is told the intonation, facial expressions, pauses, etc. are frequently as a much factor in what makes the joke funny as the words.

Warm reading using verbal feedback

Some of this information will be freely volunteered by the client if the reader has successfully developed a rapport with her, through mirroring her body language, appearing friendly and sincere, and expressing a wish to help with her problems. The client can be encouraged to speak - or to continue speaking - by reproducing the backchannel behaviours typically adopted by the listener in conventional conversational dyadsx. Martin (1990) emphasises the importance of being able to listen, and to use listening body language

In Our Opinion

The two of us have had ongoing conversations for years about how to create perfect readings . While Rex was contributing some outstanding material for the final volume of Wonder Words, we agreed to join forces and focus on this issue of readings. We began exchanging ideas, tools and creative applications. We found new combinations of tools, and unusual practical applications. Soon we were able to make all of these methods simple and easy to use. Little or no memory was involved in many of the methods. No laborious facial or body reading cues. No long lessons on the skills usually required to use such tools as tarot cards or palmistry. No longwinded disclaimers. Methods were realized that could actually help a spectator without giving advice. The ability to do readings without any fear whatsoever clicked into place. Yet with all of these breakthroughs - a startling discovery People who learned and used these tools often felt as if they might really be reading the thoughts of others

Effect 20 Do As I Do

We both shuffled our decks, chose a card, switched decks and then located our chosen card in the other deck. What you didn't realize was that through subtle use of body language and phrasing, I subconsciously influenced you to chose one particular card. The same card that I chose

Rapport With Groups

Now that you understand how to form rapport with people on a one to one basis, you might find it useful to form rapport with an entire group. The way to form rapport with an entire group, because you cannot very well match every person's body language and vocal qualities, is to find who is the leader of the group. In every group, no matter how subtle it may be, there is a leader. You will find out who the leader is of the group, gain rapport with them, and that rapport will transfer to the rest of the group as the followers follow the leader right into rapport with you. A good way to identify the leader is to ask, Why is the group here today All of the followers will turn and look at the leader to answer. When you get the answer, you'll naturally be aware of who is the leader of the group. From there, you can match the leader and develop rapport with the entire group.

The Effect

The conversation turns to the subject of thought transference and ESP. The performer claims he is agnostic about this area, but does know that people can communicate complicated information to other people subconsciously through their body language, and that something called 'contact telepathy.' 'Contact telepathy is not a supernatural thing, but instead a physiological phenomenon. The performer has retrieved the card as he speaks, he tears it once, twice and three times. Looking the man in the eyes, he says, I have no idea what word you have in your mind. Look at me. You can tell my body language, my voice and especially my eyes that I am telling you the truth. Am I right

Morning Part

Nonverbal methodology to plumb below the usual depths of inquiry Expand your limited repertoire of body-language cues Gesture to put people at ease (so they will tell you more) The deposition is your nonverbal reading room Nonverbal truth-testing in voir dire When clients hesitate Nonverbal basis of the stranger barrier Body signs of verbal deception Strategies for probing an indecisive gesture The psychology of palm-up and palm-down cues A reliable sign of veiled uncertainty

Contextual parallels

Earlier in this book I touched on the subject of 'body language'. Chapter 5 of 'Criminal Interrogation' contains extensive sections on 'The value of direct observation and evaluation of behaviour symptoms' and 'Evaluation of verbal and non-verbal responses'. These sections cover body language and several other forms of non-verbal communication. The authors go into considerable detail, although they are solely concerned with non-verbal cues which might help to sort truth from lies. They are careful to emphasise that body language and non-verbal cues are far from perfect indicators

Our Audiences

Or I could use paper and ink, like this book, to give my thoughts to you. Again matter is used to transport my thoughts into your brain. Or maybe I can convey my thoughts to you with body language by the way I (a material thing) move by my carriage by the way I pose or shape it, so to speak, into a material sign, a sign that you can understand. Regardless, whatever medium I use to give you my thought, it always involves some form of matter. Without the use of matter, conveying my thoughts to you isn't possible, apart from genuine mind reading.

S Juanderful

Volume Two begins with The Secret of Magic in which an odd optical illusion is used to produce a selected card. This is followed by Four of a Kind, which is the ultimate version of the Magician Makes Good effect. A card is selected (no force) and pocketed by a spectator. The card's identity is unknown to all. The magician attempts find the three mates of the selected card. He spreads through the face down deck and casually turns over three widely separated cards. Unfortunately, these cards are of three completely different values. The trick appears to have gone awry, and this impression is reinforced when the selected card is revealed and it does not match any of the reversed cards. In a moment of inspiration, the magician taps the deck with the selected card, and immediately the three mates of the selection turn face up in the deck. This is a fabulous trick one which I immediately added to my repertoire. In fact, I took this trick to the World Magic Summit, and it flabbergasted all...

Twirl Load

This is a move, which can be quite useful in routines with coins and cards. This move was an attempt to duplicate the card loading moves from Bobo's book. I have been playing with this move for about ten years. I had the move down well. Magicians would compliment me on the smoothness of execution, but there was something missing. The Body Language was not correct. Only recently I came up with an extra detail that really makes the move. I was teaching the move to one of my student's in my magic class. He asked a question about execution. Often I really don't know how my hands are actually doing something, so I had to dig for the answer. Well, in searching for the answer, I discovered something new. The coin that is loaded under the card must be lowered all the way to the table before releasing the card. Apparently when teaching the move to someone I neglected to point this out. At times I forgot to do this myself. When I incorporated this touch consistently into the move, the move...

Harkey on Video

The above items are worth the price of admission, and make this tape worth owning. You'll have to make up your own mind about the other items. In Dirty Pool you turn a partially inflated black balloon into an eight ball. Unfortunately, in the performance segment of this trick, Mr. Harkey does not do the necessary loading move, which, during the explanation part, looks very furtive. Body Language uses a clever method to produce a coin by apparently slapping an invisible coin against the back of your hand. The production is good, but I question whether you can get away with repeating the move four times in a row. Goldfinger is an interesting optical illusion using only your fingers and a ring. On the video the illusion looks good, but with my scrawny, piano-player fingers, it does not look so good.


I do not restrict myself to mindreading effects when I am performing in the real world. Enough magicians have asked me about the wisdom of combining magic and mindreading in performance. No lay participant in my effects has ever queried this. If I explain my thoughts here, I will be able to express a few points that I find important. They begin with the old worry about mentalists' disclaimers and the ethics of psychic performances. I have an interest in suggestion and what gets labelled 'hypnosis,' I work to combine magic and mindreading with 'hypnosis' to create something new and very powerful. Because this is a keen interest of mine, I tend to communicate it in my performances. I find that most intelligent spectators are more interested in the psychological techniques than the sleight-of-hand. Most would rather feel that they had only seen the card change because they expected to see it change than because 1 was adept at exchanging it under...

Completely Cold

For years Tank and Kenton have been working on an ultimate system for psychic readings . They dreamed of a system using absolutely No memorization. No props whatsoever No having to read a spectator's body language for information A system you could do over the phone Simple. Never fails. Use it anytime, anywhere. No set up of any kind.

Golden Rules

Insist that the querent (seeker after knowledge and truth) asks you a specific question. As he or she speaks, watch carefully. They will tell you in their question and in their body language what they want to hear. Don't blurt out the answer immediately, though. Throw in a couple of meaningless predictions first and then slip it in casually after six minutes when they are beginning to get worried that you weren't going to mention it. This allows you to build up the tension.

Haleys Comet

Now act as though you are throwing the ball straight down, just as before. It is important that your eyes, as well as your body language, follows the real action of throwing a ball. Naturally, the ball does not make its journey to the floor. From an audience perspective, the ball seems to disappear in mid-bounce.