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After 12 more years of learning the hard way, R. Don Steele returns! Tighten your jock! Read his brutally honest answers to questions and what-if scenarios from more than 6000 readers. Stir in the results of 32 seminars, over 1000 counseling sessions, 274 radio interviews and 4 national TV appearances and you're in for an exhilarating experience.

Realistic methods and sound advice from a guy who has been at this since lie was 32! Now 58, and married, yes, married, to Joanna Bardot Lopez, 24, Steele forcefully expands his kickass, no-nonsense approach. He has included a lengthy chapter, For Married Men Over 35! 352 pages long! compared with the Revised Edition's 208!

Volume II-Aduanced Skills is strictly designed for the 65,000 buyers of How To Date Young Women For Men Over 35. If you have not read that book, you should see it first! LENGTHY EXCERPTS

Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed, FRANCIS BACON 1597

Why She Picks You

You are at a crowded party on Saturday night at a sprawling, expensive home in the hills. People from all walks of life are here. The crowd ranges in age from 12 to 78. The occasion is the host's annual Summer Solstice party.

Imagine a 27 year old, natural blonde, about 5 feet 5 inches tall, weighing 120 lean, mean pounds C cups, baby blue eyes, perfect white teeth and an IQ of 140. We all agree that she's a solid 9,2 on a scale of 10,

She's wearing a fire-engine red sheath dress about four inches below her knees. It is split up the back to about four inches above her knees.

Her hair is long and wavy. She's standing by the kitchen sink leaning against the counter sipping a glass of champagne looking over the party guests as they sample the hors d'oeuvres.

She's never been married. Randy RedPorsche's brother, Danny Manly, a fireman, broke off their engagement two years ago. For the past few months she's been casually dating a 32 year old guy who is worth about a half a million. He uses her as an arm charm. She also sees a 28 year old surf bum who lives half a block from her apartment. He's a construction worker when he needs money. He could take her or leave her.

She makes $32k as a Contract Administrator for a big company.

She gives you the quick once over, then looks away. A few minutes later, you see her studying you out of the corner of her eye.

Knowing what you do about her, what do you think she wants from you? How will you have to come across when you talk with her? Does she want you to tell her she has beautiful hair? Who is your competition? What does he have that you don't have? What do you have that she wants?

You notice a 24 year old brunette laughing loudly in the dining room. She's 5 feet 3 inches with extremely short hair. Tight jeans reveal a set of hips like Marilyn Monroe. She's braless under her cotton t-shirt, packing a pair of 34 B's. We'd all say she's a 7.8 looks-wise. Her IQ is about 115.

Two years ago she moved to LA from Minnesota after she broke up with her college boyfriend. She works for an insurance company pushing paper, making $23k. She had a 25 year old boyfriend for six months but he treated her like shit. A month ago she got up to courage to move out. She lives with two other young women.

She holds your glance, smiles, looks down before returning to the conversation with two college guys.

Knowing what you do about her, what do you think she wants from you? How will you have to come across when you talk with her? Does she want you to glance at her braless tits? Who else wants her? What does he have that you don't have? What do you have that she wants?


Do you think either of these two young women likes pot bellies? How 'bout a few strands of hair combed over bald heads?

My point? It is within the power of your common sense to make sure that you are NOT in the no chance, Jack category of good-looking women.

Desirable women choose the men they want, not the other way 'round. What a desirable woman finds alluring is up to her. You must be what she wants. VALUES AND GOALS PLUS NEEDS

Depending on her age and history of good and bad times at the hands of men, beginning with Daddy, she has an overall agenda. The young ones must have a boyfriend above all else. If she's a divorced mother of 28, she is looking for stability, if possible. When she's 34, divorced with no children, she's looking for something entirely different.

A woman makes choices because of what she believes in, where she wants to end up and what's lacking in her life. Her decision also depends on which hormones are dominating her brain chemistry that day, or night! It's a contradictory, jumbled, constantly-in-flux set of priorities that serve as the standard by which she determines your worthiness.

A woman does not sit down and rationally decide where she is and where she wants to go when she takes an older lover. She just does it.

Of the victorious males who court her, she selects the Man she finds the most desirable. More in a few pages.

The choice a woman makes has much to do with where we all came from 60 million years ago. WHY BEFORE HOW

If you know why something happens, you can learn how to control what happens. The quote my Grandpa used when he taught me this lesson was, "The man who knows how will always have a job. But the man who knows why, will be his boss." The next chapter explains the why.


I have received over 4000 letters from guys. In September of 1997, my newsletter, Men Of Steel Balls, began publication as well as being posted on the internet. Over 2200 guys have emailed me with their feedback and questions since then!

This book is a combination of what guys have asked about and what I have learned the hard way since 1987.

The Foreword of The Revised Edition is reprinted in Volume II because 40,000 readers of Volume I didn't get to see it. Please read it. If you do, everything in this book will make a lot more sense, plus it will stay in your head, and your heart, much longer.

When you are almost finished with Volume II, don't stop until you read Key Points, the final chapter. By reading it, you reinforce what you have learned in the previous 300 plus pages. A few weeks later, read the entire book again, but start with Key Points.

Table of Contents Volume II

Why She Picks You Sex Is Number Four Summary

Understand Women No More Mr. Nice Guy Get Out Of Your Rut Increase Your Confidence Success And Mistakes Teach Polish Your Skills Where They Are How To Pick Up Girls? Start At TheTop Angry And Whacko Women Meeting:

Twelve Step Program Body Language Elaboration Dress For Success Phone Advice AIDS Absurdity Sex


Let's Just Be Friends Dating

Weight Control RandomTopics Death And Divorce End OfLove Seduction

Hunters Not Gatherers Reality Check Updated Helpful Hints Married Men Over 35 Recommended Books KeyPoints

62 87 99

188 197 204

Sexpectations l 5 12

31 Women Talk Frankly About Sex And Dating

54 I discovered a powerful new book and recommend it highly. It got a kickass review by PLAYBOY. You get strong reinforcement of the knowledge and under-^g standing you've already developed from reading How

^23 To Date Young Women. And, it will help you know the

131 young woman's mind more clearly, with emphasis on

139 her values and goals. You will grasp firmly what she

156 thinks and believes about sex and sexuality. It rings

162 true with my 27 years of experience! Get it today.

}73 Ron Louis presents women's responses to questions all men want answers to. Unlike other all other "authors" who asked women what they want from a man, Louis got women to tell the truth! Everything 217 they say corresponds exactly with my experience as a

219 single man. Most powerfully, his sections on the ones

241 we're interested in, Girls Next Door and the subject

246 we're most interested in Romance and Dating are

259 stunningly true, practical, useful and realistic! Sexpec-

265 tations helps vou finetune what vou learn from my

^07 books.

PLAYBOY, October 1997. Ron Louis interviewed 2Q7 women about their sexual and dating experiences. One

30g bit of advice offered that rang true was the worst ta-

319 boo was to be needy. Further, you don't build confi-

327 dence by asking women out and working through re jections, Louis suggests going to any place that truly interests you and women with similar interests will follow. You don't find women, they find you.

R. Don Steele says, Amen, brother. Let it happen, don't make it happen!

Ron Louis brings a unique male perspective to the interviews. His gritty and straightforward style gets you women's practical advice to men on how to approach and succeed with women. Prepare to be entertained and aroused, shocked and amused. Sexpecta-tions will open your eyes to the wide spectrum of women's sexual experiences and desires.

WARNING TO MEN! I have gotten many complaints from guys who object to the frank descriptions older women use to explain what they like. If unusual or kinky turns you off, as it does me, do what I did and just skim those parts. [Definition of KINKY: what other people Like that you don't!]

There are very few books that are realistic and practical. This one is useful to older men learning how to date young women because it validates and vindicates what you have learned by reading How To Date Young Women Volumes I and II.

Sexpectations is also useful because it prepares you for some of the older women that you will date as you gradually move down the age ladder. That is, it prepares you so that you won't show how shocked you are when a woman you've been dating for several months boldly proposes something you have never tried.

Hey! I was shocked, stunned and amazed several times. It didn't kill me. I wish I had known that many older women like what I consider to be weird. My face probably wouldn't have looked so, uh, uh, pale? and, uh, uh, my eyes probably wouldn't have, uh, bugged out so far?

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