Pressure Or Persistence

Directing and controlling her desire to be persuaded by you is an ever-present fear of the consequences. At the same time, she loves the excitement of the moment. If you don't offend her or scare her away, she wants more. But, it must be at the pace she's capable of enjoying.

If she feels pressure to move faster, she will dig in her heels, figuratively, and resist. Once this happens, you will get nowhere by trying to persuade her. Back off! Be patient not persistent. Wait until you "accidentally" cross her path again.

Make Meeting Commandment I your touchstone. If you startle her, radiate lust or even momentarily embarrass her during the crucial opening moments, all is lost. Make only a friendly, relaxed gesture. Smile and say, "Hi." Resist the urge to take charge.

Don't get me wrong. There are times when she'll be most excited and interested by your direct, strong approach. However, you will make few, if any, fatal mistakes by waiting to see if coming on hard is what's really needed. PATIENCE PREVENTS GAMES

To avoid the dangers of emotional and sexual intimacy, insecure and immature females, of all ages, play Rapo. And, inadequate men play Cavalier.

When you come on strong and you're impatient, you become the perfect victim for her, or his, little game. Take your time. Have another sip of champagne. Ask yourself, "Too smooth? Too willing? Too good to be true?" Have another sip and mull over the answers you come up with.

Remember, identify a Rapo or Cavalier player by how calm and relaxed they are during their interaction with you. They're not nervous. It's only a game.

Women, if you have not read the Preface, please do so now, before you read the blunt talk in the next chapter, Courtship Tactics For Women.

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