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Men, shaking a woman's hand when you meet her makes you different from all boys, most young men, and many men who merely nod and smile when meeting her. She immediately puts you in a differ ent category, Gentleman.

She can't deceive your stomach and you're a fool to ignore its judgement of her. While shaking her hand, look into her eyes and, for a few seconds, be vulnerable. Let her see you. See into her. It confirms or denies your other impressions of her. If you know what she's really like, as opposed to what she appears to be, you're way ahead of any competition. So, you can adjust your courtship approach and pace accordingly.

Although some women are a bit disoriented when you offer your hand, they quickly recover and reciprocate. Sometimes it's in a submissive manner. Sometimes as an equal. Sometimes as the opening move in a game of Rapo. Now and then, like a dead end bore.

I've saved myself far more than the price of a drink by excusing myself at the earliest opportunity after shaking hands. I'm not interested in game players or teases. One sophisticated looking beauty turned out to be nothing but a shy, frightened doe. Not my type at all. On a few occasions, I skipped ninety percent of the preliminaries based only on the sparks that flew when we grasped each other in this socially acceptable manner.

Warning To Men! You must have a firm, masculine hand shake. If you don't, develop one. Get advice from your guy friends. You don't have to say what you're practicing for. Feedback is necessary to change.

The next chapter is how you go about Meeting Ms Or Mr Right at social gatherings and meetings. ALL that's necessary is a bit of courage after you know the other person is somewhat interested in you. Although it's written from a man's point of view (I'm a man), the strategy and methods work even better for women!

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