Courtship Tactics For Women

Many women do not realize how much power they have, especially during the early stages of courtship. I believe many women make poor choices in men because they do not feel powerful. They think they have to make do with any guy they can get. To feel powerful, you must know why you are powerful, then accept, in your guts, that you are powerful. PLATITUDE REVISION TIME

Let's re-phrase what Mom and Dad told you about men so that you have a more realistic view of the world and a more powerful regard for yourself. Instead of, their well meant, All men only want one thing! Shift it to, You have what he wants.

Understand that once he is interested in you, he is the beggar. You are the powerful one. Why are you powerful? because you can say "no," at any time. In every human relationship, from love to employment, the person who says "no," has all the power. DEFINE YOUR TASKS

Let's define exactly what you must accomplish. In short, you must: Find him. Attract him. Meet and talk with him. Get him interested enough to date you.

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How To Become The Girl Men Adore

How To Become The Girl Men Adore

If you asked most women today what type of girl men adore and couldn't live without they would answer the she would have to be an Angelina Jolie lookalike or at the very least be blond, blue-eyed and have killer legs. While this type of woman would definitely attract a lot of attention, she actually the type of woman that men adore.

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