Witchcraft is in effect the old Druidic Mother Goddess religion in Britain. It was a competitor with Christianity and as everyone knows it is not a good idea to lose a religious battle for supremacy. Wicca or Witchcraft didn't even get second place.

Being a Mother Goddess religion the priests of the religion were of course, women - 'wise' women. These proved very handy for dropping into water to see if they would float, and burning; the sort of activity that gives the whole village a day out and keeps their minds off the fact that the price of a pint of beer has just rocketed to a farthing.

To underline just how evil these poor old women were, the Church neatly redefined their idea of the Devil. There is a precedent for this, it happens with monotonous regularity in the Bible.

What they did was to turn any male deities into a

Eersonification of the Devil. So if you worshipped [erne the Hunter ergo you became a Devil worshipper and should be dunked in water and/or burnt. if it happened that the local tribe had a goat as their totem animal that immediately became a symbol of evil. You can understand why goats were confused.

Everyone who knew anything about witchcraft was either dropped in a river or burnt a long while ago, so modern day witchcraft is usually made up as it goes along.

Key words:

Widdershins - The way you can tell if you have come up against a really evil bunch of Black witches or Devil worshippers: when they dance in a circle, they go widdershins - anti-clockwise. You can't help thinking there must be more to it than that.

Coven - A bunch of people that like to get together every so often, take all their clothes off and dance about - in the open air.

Ley-lines - What they call the queues at all the orgies they're supposed to have.

Witch-trials - A bit like sheep dog trials but a lot more fun.

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