Occult Sciences

If you are really going to impress people with your esoteric powers you have to do something to prove that you really have powers. At this the casual bluffer begins to get nervous. 'What do you mean, prove?' he asks in a quavering voice.

The seasoned bluffer smiles casually. He knows that it is the easiest thing in the world to prove something to someone who wants to believe. People want magic to exist so they will go to a lot of trouble and ignore the facts to have it proved to them.

Those that don't, you just dismiss as eternal sceptics. "It's amazing how some people will just not accept the facts merely because it upsets their ideas of an established order of things" you say, sadly shaking your head, and those who want it proved will agree whole-heartedly.

The easiest sciences to use as proof are the powers of augury - that's fortune telling but somehow augury sounds better. There are many ways of exploiting precognition (that's fortune telling again) but at the end of the day they all use the same technique of interpretation.

Many of the methods (astrology, palmistry, numerology, phrenology) require that you give a short character study to show how their stars/palm/humbers/ bumps accurately reveal their true personality. If you do this right they will be so pleased they won't listen too closely to your predictions.

Be vague but pleasant - "I can see you have a warm, caring, personality but are not a person whose heart rules his head. Give them one or two compliments that sound like faults: "I can see you are not someone who suffers fools gladly" or "I see your major failing is that you just can't relax. You always have to be dOing something."

Be sure to give a vast amount of rather inconsequential detail mentioning travel, problems in their job, arguments at home and a pleasant surprise. There has to be a lot so that they have forgotten most of it by the time they leave. Then when something comes up involving travel, problems at work, etc. they will remember you said something about it, and presume you have predicted it.

Always tell them what they want to hear unless it is statistically unlikely. For instance, 'Will I find the man of my dreams before I'm 40?' Answer "Yes": 'Will I win the pools next week?' Answer "No".

Then sit back and take the praise about how accurate your augury is.

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