Marlos Double Slip

This is useful for distributing both bottom and top cards on a cut. Assume you have two aces on top of deck and two aces on the bottom.

Using either of the techniques explained you lift up top half of deck with left thumb, Right hand now starts to pull out the bottom half but at same time right first finger carries or slips off the top card along with it. Meantime the left fourth finger, assuming you are using the first technique retains the bottom card. On completion of the cut you will have an ace at top and bottom of each half.

If you like the right thumb can lift up top half, always done at back only, in order that right hand can carry this away plus the bottom card while left first finger holds back the top card. Again after the cut the aces will be distributed on top and bottom of each half.

The figure 5 shows the double slip cut being done with the bottom half carried away by the right hand and also with the top half carried away by right hand.

At times it may be necessary to slip more than one card from top and bottom. This can be done by presetting with jogs and comes under the heading of a Complex type of Double Slip Cut.

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