Kings And Aces

Four Aces on the bottom of deck and four Kings on top of deck are retained there during the course of false riffle shuffles.

Pre-set deck for the Complex Double Slip Cut. (See Fig. 6 or 7) This results in two Kings and two Aces on top and bottom of each half.

With each half do the Marlo Double Slip Cut. (See Fig. 5) This results in top cards, of the four packets being Kings and the bottom cards Aces.

Turn over top card of each packet to show four Kings. Now say, "I know you expected the Aces. Well, I don't want to disappoint you." With this turn each packet face up to show four Aces. The Kings by this time should have been placed aside i.e. before disclosing the Aces. (See "Pull Down Move" for another method of the above effect.)

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