The Videtec Slate Mystery


NOTE: One side of the slate furnished with this sale, is rough. That is the practice side. At first you will use this side to get the idea of what it is all about. Once you get it — learn to perform the slate mystery using the smooth side of the slate. Later you will easily perform the mystery with just plain cards and a lead pencil. Then you will be doing real presentation. Practice makes perfect.

YES SIR! HERE IS SOMETHING NEW — GET THIS IDEA —Grasp the slate at the wooden rim sides. Use your forefingers and thumbs only. Hold the slate about even with your eyes. Arms outstretched. The rough side of the slate held towards the writer. Use chalk.

Request the writer to mark any single figure that comes to his mind upon the slate and that you will immediately tell him the figure he wrote. When the writer begins to chalk the slate —hold your head slightly away, sideways so as not to scan the writing. Of course you can use your own methods. I too steal the gravy in advance. See the writing many times, and the writer is not wise.

However this is not the purpose of using the VIDETEC SLATE. When the writer begins to write you should at once feel the vibration of the writing and sense just what he wrote.

TRY — HAVING SOME ONE WRITE SEVEN —THEN FOUR — THEN FIVE — NOW EIGHT. TRY SEVEN AGAIN AND THEN NINE. GET THE SLIGHT DIFFERENCE. NOW TRY READING SCRIPT WRITING AS WITH THE NAME JOE and then JOS. You should get the upstroke of the capital J. Try Jed. Now give Mary a crack. TRY and have someone write Henry then Harry and not tell which they will write first. The idea is to prevent you jumping to conclusions and just because you got the H then missed the enr and again caught the y that the name was Harry. Get it —

Simple stuff and — uh boy — how they will swallow your talent? I know, for I have had them calling in the cops to throw me in a padded cell for reading things not on the slate. Well, its all in the game. You just give VIDETEC a good going over and spunk up and sell it to them and make them like it. IT IS THE GOODS.

Once you get to the smooth slate work keep on marching upwards and try and get yourself wise to writing upon plain cards. Business cards or books. The coarse grain of book covers — oh boy made to Menu, if you miss getting vibration of pencil tap dancing over the book cover — well drop Oscar Wilde a line — he will classic you.

All right magis here is where I sign off or all my rabbits may die.

Thanks and every good wish for your success. GET WISE TO A GHOST SHOW. The newest entertainment, Wonderful opportunity now to be one of the first in this line. ASK DOC NIXON. 635 North Clark St., Chicago, 111. By Appointment Only.

In case Nixon's instructions are unclear, it should be explained that the slate surface was slightly rougher on one side than the other, and that the slate was very slightly loose in the frame to allow more vibration as the writing was done. Nixon does not mention it, but the effect can also be done behind your back. It is an ideal addition to a Sightless Vision routine, as suggested by Paul Fox to Faucett Ross.

Later in 1929, Doc Nixon issued his GHOST MANUSCRIPT — a mimeo'd manuscript chock full of spook and psychic effects. The instructions for the Videtec Slate were also reproduced in some copies of the manuscript. Of interest is page 5 A which contains more details on the effect, but under a different title. Again, because the mentioned manuscript is excessively rare, I take the liberty of reproducing it below.

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The Art Of Cold Reading

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