The Balloon Murder

I'd like to briefly oudine one of my favorite uses of the blindfold — one I use in my stage act.

I have two audience volunteers come on stage up to the microphone. After the usual introductions, I have one spectator inflate a large yellow balloon while the other spectator examines the blindfold anu tapes the Band-Aids criss-crossed over my eyes.

After the blindfold is placed on my head, the balloon is tossed into the audience and batted around for about half a minute. I ask whoever is holding the balloon at that point to hold it above their head and not move.

I reach into my coat pocket and remove a sinister looking dagger as I step into the audience. With the knife in front of me, I slowly stalk through the audience to find the balloon "by their thought waves." It is a situation that is both funny and frightening at the same time.

When I go near the spectator with the balloon I pretend I am a little unsure and begin to go near their head with the knife. At the last second I veer off and pop the balloon — a perfect applause cue.

Now I put the knife away and have someone guide me back to the stage — I pretend to be tired from the strain of the effect, which is over. The blindfold is now removed under the bright stage lights so that the audience can see that everything is intact.

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