Spectator Examination

I've just detailed how the blindfold can be put on so as to make vision impossible. Obviously the Apex Stainless Steel Blindfold can be placed on a spectator using these moves to "prove" that the blindfold is legitimate. I don't normally go to this extent, as it isn't necessary under normal working conditions. My normal way of handling it is this:

I call upon a spectator and show him the blindfold while talking about the fact that it is made of thick stainless steel and is impossible to see through. (Most people believe that the only way a blindfold can be tricked is if it is gimmicked in some way to allow you to see through it — which is, in fact, how so many of the cloth blindfolds work! Laymen never seem to suspect that you might see around it.)

I hand the spectator the blindfold and ask them to look it over. Most of the time they'll hold it up to the light or place it near their eyes, but almost never will they put it on. If you want to be almost 100% sure of this, call on a woman with a nice hairdo to be your volunteer in inspecting the blindfold. She certainly won't ruin a $40.00 permanent for the sake of inspecting it!

Of course, if someone wants to put it on, simply "help them" with it; in the process getting the strap into the proper position to make it impossible to see.

There is nothing lost by not having the spectator try on the blindfold. Since you place it in their hands to examine and since a moment later you put it on and have them scrutinize it, there seems to be no way that it can be gimmicked. As I pointed out before, almost all of the spectators will want to know if the blindfold is transparent in some way. Once they are convinced that it is not they will feel that there is nothing else to look for in it and will be convinced that it is legitimate.

A very subtle way of having the spectator examine the blindfold is this: Use it on an assistant in an effect where you don't want him to see! "Lock" the blindfold on a spectator and then have him select a word in a book for a Book Test, select a card, etc. In this case, as the purpose of the blindfold is to blindfold him and not you, there is absolutely no reason for suspicion. Later, when you use the same blindfold on yourself, it has already been examined in the best possible way!

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