Take the packet of cards and make sure that all of the red symbols are in the upper left comer as you arrange the cards. The red symbol will act as the "key" symbol for each of the cards.

By starting with card #1 — the card with the red circle in the upper left corner (the lowest value in the numerical cycle and the lowest color value) and counting through the cycle of 1 through 9, you can rapidly set up the packet until all nine are in order.

The black symbol on a card placed down should be immediately followed in numerical sequence by the red symbol on the next card — an easy way of checking.

Once you have arranged the cards in the proper order, it is best if you turn a few of the cards end-for-end in the packet without taking them out of sequence, so that not all of the red corners are facing in the same direction; there should be colors intermixed on each corner of the packet. Obviously the set-up is still the same, but it does look as though the cards are more haphazardly mixed.

The fact that the cards are numbered and colored in sequence is the crux of Mr. Timmerman's method. It's system based on Ronald Haines and Allan Milan's E.S.P. Excelled, a routine marketed by Haines' House of Cards in the Fifties. The effect was available in both Bridge and Jumbo sized cards. Milan (also known as Allan Cracknell, formerly of Venture III in Cincinnati) told me that the Haines/Milan routine was, in turn, based on Edward Bagshawe's Thought Ray. Timmerman extended the number of symbols greatly and added the color idea to widen the application of the cyclic principle.

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