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TELEPATO II A Design/Color Duplication Routine Jeff Busby

I've long had an interest in mental design/color duplication routines. I've even had a few in print in Bascom Jones' fine publication Magick. The routine you are about to read is — to my mind — one of the best you can perform with the Apex Stainless Steel Blindfold.

However, it is not for the dabbler in mentalism. It's for the performer who would seriously like to present a strong color and design duplication effect that will definitely fool and impress your audience.

There's a strange story behind the routine. In early 1983, Theo Timmerman of Holland sent me a beautifully printed set of design cards for a routine he'd advertised as Telepato. But, he neglected to send along his instructions, as he'd not translated them from Dutch into English. In the meantime, I had only the props and a mangled working description of the effect. I promptly went to work developing a method, all the while not knowing the working behind Mr. Timmerman's effect.

A few weeks later the rough translation finally arrived and I was surprised to find that I had not duplicated Mr. Timmerman's method at all — I had arrived at an even stronger method that could be worked under almost "test conditions".

I sent a copy of the routine to Mr. Timmerman and he asked if he could provide it with his props instead of his routine. In return, he sent me a few dozen sets of the props which I advertised with my routine in my Epoptica magazine (#4 for June 1983). I sold out what I had and ordered more. Unfortunately no more were to be had — Mr. Timmerman had died in the brief interim.

So, until now, this routine has only been in the hands of those who purchased the 24 sets of props from me some four years ago.

I keep mentioning "props" but in fact you can make everything up yourself for between ten and fifteen dollars.

Those for whom I've worked my routine agree that my method makes for a very strong stand-up mental test that is quite baffling. Richard has used it in his stage shows and tells me that it gets a great reaction for him. In fact, as he explained at the beginning of this book, it was this effect which directly led to him developing the Apex Stainless Steel Blindfold.

You should have some experience in presenting mentalism and be able to handle the basic principles before you attempt this routine. If you don't, please leave this alone — otherwise you'll ruin a strong effect.

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