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Many effects that can be made more effective with a blindfold come immediately to mind. You may already have your own favorite you've targeted for use with the Apex Stainless Steel Blindfold. The remainder of this book covers literally dozens of suggestions, effects, and references that Jeff Busby has collected.

In my stand-up act I use a version of the Acid Test. Several methods — including some very ingenious ones — have been published or marketed since the days of the Phoenix. I use the simple method! When I do it, I use four glasses. Three are filled with milk, and one with liquid Drano® — which everyone knows is a strong corrosive. I have my eyes sealed with the criss-crossed Band-Aids and put on the blindfold. The spectator mixes the glasses around (while I secretly watch) and then I drink the glasses containing milk, leaving the one filled with Drano alone. As simple as this is, it gets a tremendous effect.

And, as I mentioned before, I also use Jeffs routine for Telepato, Annemann's Mysteiy. of the Blackboard and his Par-Optic Vision. The possibilities are endless: You could solve a Rubik's Cube, do psychometrical readings, spot a written word or a word in a book, do card reading with a stacked deck, and so on.

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