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Once the cards are made, you can laminate the surface or spray a protective coating over it.

Note that the first symbol on card # 1 (the circle) has a numerical value of 1 in the 1 through 9 sequence and the symbols with the values of 2, 3, and 4 follow it in order. Card # 2 continues the 1 through 9 sequence starting with the star (which equals 5) and continues through the series with 6, 7, and 8.

A look at card #3, above, shows that the series continues with the symbol equaling 9 and then the numerical sequence begins the cycle again directly to the right with the circle (=1), the two straight lines (=2), and the triangle (=3). And, of course, the seqvlence continues on card #4 cycling all the way through the set from cards #1 through 9.

As you'll immediately grasp, with the packet in the order shown above from top to bottom, you can give the cards complete cuts and the cycle will still be intact.

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The Art Of Cold Reading

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