With the blindfold on in this position, you may possibly be able to move it upwards somewhat by doing a lot of squinting, but that would be a very unnatural movement.

If you really want to lock the blindfold in place, reach behind your head and slide the elastic strap downwards, so that it is from 1 to 1 Vi inches below the normal position, as shown in Figure Two. Note how, in this position, the blindfold pulls down on the bridge of the nose, making it almost impossible to move it upwards with eye movement.

It's important that you understand both the "normal" and "locked" positions for the Apex Stainless Steel Blindfold so that you can place the blindfold on any spectator and they will not be able to see.

Now, here is the proper way to put the blindfold on to allow you to see: Start to put the blindfold on, but place the strap behind your head first, and then bring the blindfold down to your eyes — the exact reverse of what you would normally do. The strap will ride higher on the back of your head, as shown in Figure Three.

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