Here's effect of proposed "opener" for "Seeing with Fingertips". Everything used is absolutely unprepared, no duplicates and "no gimmicks".

An unprepared satin black bag — 9 inches wide and twelve deep.

That's all.

Volunteer who blindfolds you examines all the props — chips and bag. Chips are dropped into bag a few at a time. Performer shakes bag and dipping hand into it takes out a number of them to show them thoroughly mixed.

Then asks audience to name their favorite color and after due searching takes out a handful of chips of that color. Repeats with other two colors. At finish pours out rest of chips from bag — all, of course, thoroughly mixed.

I like the simplicity of this thing both as to the method and the effect. This is much stronger than you might think in a cursory reading.

Everything examined. Bag is held in left hand with thumb on one side and fingers and palm on other. Position of left hand holding bag is very important to remember — thumb faces audience and therefore fingers are behind the bag and top of bag is turned slightly away from audience. Also left hand holds bag by left side and not at center.

Working: Volunteer is holding the stacks of chips. Take a few red ones from him and drop in bag — withdraw hand — showing empty. Repeat with a few blue and white.

Now take a few more red chips and when hand is inside bag drop only one or two to bottom and slip the rest between the first and second fingers of the left hand — a portion of the bag going in with them. In other words chips are held through bag.

Repeat with blue chips and secrete a few (about eight in each case) between second and third finger.

Finish with white, secreting between third and little finger.

Now shake bag to mix chips and right hand can bring out a bunch from bottom of bag to show thoroughly mixed.

Someone names a color and all you have to do is place empty right hand into bag, rattle chips at bottom and as your hand is leaving bag merely release those you require.

That's all but, Paul, I think this is a great little item and a natural for Seeing with Fingertips. Use good bone or composition chips. It's one of those things that couldn't be done normally even with vision, and that makes it good.

Here's the way I have entire routine doped out. Open with above then a quick trip into audience describing people and objects. Back to platform and into Dai's forcing deck. Next is the Videtec Slate a la Nixon and finish with the 3 borrowed dollar bills. This last can be made very powerful. As soon as volunteer selects one of the bills from the hat, you open and return other two. Tell him to open selected bill and allow you to touch finger to serial number.

Now pick up large slate and after due cogitation you write number on slate without showing. Now ask a volunteer to call off first figure and turning face of slate to audience you show your figures to correspond and make mark through it with chalk. Repeat with rest of figures — all done very snappy and dramatically. This could be made a sensation. In fact, the whole routine is miles ahead of Tarbell's or anyone else. As Finneran says this is a real date-getter . ..

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