Between Queens Dark Places

The two black Queens are placed together face up in the deck. The deck is flipped face up and spectators remember both the face card and the card at the rear. The deck is turned face down and immediately spread, revealing one face down card is now caught between the Queens. This is one of the selections. The other selection is brought out your pocket.


1. Remove the two black Queens and obtain a break under the top two cards of the deck. Place the Queens face up on top and lift off all four cards above the break (the two Queens plus two face down cards hidden below). Peel off the upper Queen onto the deck then place the remaining triple on top, keeping a break under these three cards. "The two black Queens will perform their witchcraft for us."

2. Allow one card to drop from the break then carry out a Triple Double Undercut finishing with the Queens 2nd top and 2nd bottom.

3. Flip the deck face up in your left hand. Ask a spectator to remember the face card. Bring your right hand over and pick up the deck - hand is in position for a Kelly Bottom Placement. Slide out the rear card and ask a second spectator to remember this card, at the same time you pivot the card now at the rear downwards a la Kelly. This allows you to replace the 2nd noted card 2nd from the rear.

NOTE: The Kelly action has been used several times in the past to load a card into a sandwich, but in this instance, we are actually removing a card from the sandwich!

4. Turn the deck face down again, executing a Turnover Pass at any point near the middle. Ask the first spectator to remind everyone of the name of his card. Spread the cards between your hands revealing that a face down card is now trapped between the face up Queens. "The witchcraft begins," you say. Drop the three-card sandwich onto the table and place the upper section of the deck below the other. This brings the other selection to the top.

Slide out the face down card and turn it over revealing it to be the first card.

5. Allowing the effect to sink in, you casually Palm off the top card from the deck. Alternatively, you can have the first spectator turn over his card, thus affording you maximum misdirection for the Palm.

Now say, "And more witchcraft." Reach into your pocket and bring out the palmed card. Hold it back outwards to the audience and ask the 2nd spectator to remind everyone of the name of his card. Turn it round to conclude.

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