Charlie Millers Table Pass

This pass restores the cards to their original position after the cut.

Allow a spectator to cut the cards towards you as you are sitting at the table, with the left hand resting on the table top. Shift the left hand to bring the second finger about half-an-inch diagonally from the left inner corner of the cut-off top packet.

With the right hand, pick up the packet furthest away from you by the sides and near the right end, and slap it on top of the other packet, but projecting to the left for about half-an-inch - Figure 6. Slide the whole pack back rapidly until the projecting corner strikes the back of the nail of the left second finger - Figure 7.

Continue the backward raising the left forefinger to allow the pack to pass. The top packet of cards pivots around the left second finger, and as it is leaving the bottom packet, tilt it up with the left fingers so that the face of the bottom card is towards the audience. Under this cover, hinge up the other packet with the right fingers and take it to the back of the pivoted packet - Figure 8. Square up the whole pack as it is resting on its side, then hinge it down to the table.


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