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There are literally thousands of card tricks which require no sleight of hand. Most are dull, long-winded, boring affairs, but some are absolute gems ... ingenious, baffling and, when properly presented, great reputation-builders. The Spelling Trick is one such example, although it requires some manipulative help.

There is no onus in doing self-working tricks. The ultimate effect on the spectators is all that counts. Many card experts intersperse self-working tricks and sleight-of-hand effects with devastatingly good results, and their audiences attribute all their efforts to pure skill.

stripper decks

A stripper deck is shaved to a keystone shape. Any card reversed in a stripper deck is easily located by feel. For example, an ace reversed in the deck may be easily cut to, and four reversed aces may be slid out of the deck with ease.

Stripper decks can also be trimmed on the ends.


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