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EFFECT: Fan a deck of cards showing the backs of several top cards and the face of the bottom card. Then, one by one, produce four aces face up after each time performing several cuts or flourishes.

Deal three indifferent cards onto each ace. Pick up each packet, flourish, and now the aces have disappeared. Pick up the last packet, wherein all four aces magically appear.

SETUP: Twelve indifferent cards, 30 blank-faced cards, four normal Aces, four gaffed cards: Double-sided aces. (Aces on one side, indifferent card values on the other.) All the cards must have the same pattern on their backs.

UP: Arrange the four normal aces in CHaSeD (Club, Heart, Spade, Diamond) order ace face up on the bottom of the blank deck. (AC will be the bottom card of the deck.) Now, place the four gaffed aces ace face up in the same order on the bottom of the deck. Place the 12 indifferent cards on the top of the deck and perform the Basic Move.

BASIC MOVE: Fan the face-down deck a bit so the audience sees the cards are indeed face down.

Momentarily flip over the deck to reveal only the single indifferent faced bottom card.

Right the deck and hold it in the mechanic's grip in your left hand, maintaining a litde finger break between the bottom card of the deck (the first time you perform this move the bottom card will be the gaffed AC) and the rest of the deck.

Peek the bottom card as you get the break to verify the correct card is there. With your right hand, grab the deck in the Biddle grip (thumb closest to you, middle and ring fingers closest to the audience) and swing cut the top quarter or third of the deck into the crotch between your left thumb and index finger.

Place the swung packet on the bottom of the deck (still keeping your break) and swing cut the top quarter or third of the deck into your left hand again, placing the swung packet again on the bottom of the deck.

Swing cut a third time, this time taking all the cards above your break, swinging the cards into your left hand and then placing them on the bottom of the deck. (The first time you perform this move the top card of the deck will be the ace face up gaffed AC.)

Place the ace face up onto your table.

Arrange the aces face up in a Vernon "T" (three aces in a horizontal row, forming the crossbar of the T, and the last ace above or below the middle of the three, forming the leg of the T.)

Peel off three indifferent cards, show them to the audience, then place them face down onto each ace.

Cut the deck to put the four face up, normal aces into the middle of the face down deck, then put the deck aside.

Pick up the three indifferent cards off the top of the first ace, and, using them as a scoop, scoop up the ace so it is face up in the face down packet. It can be second from the top or second from the bottom, but cannot be the top or bottom card of the packet.

Fairly show the cards, square up the packet and bring it back to your left hand. Flip the packet face up, revealing the bottom indifferent card, and hold the packet with your right thumb on one corner and your left index finger pad at the opposite corner, fingers spread to reveal the card face. Slowly spin the card packet once completely around and then peel off the bottom revealed card into the cupped fingers of your left hand.

Slowly spin the packet again, peeling off the revealed card onto the card held in your left fingers. Repeat this spin for the other two cards and place them one by one top of the table.

(One of the cards you'll be showing will be the gaffed ace, but you'll be revealing the indifferent card printed on its back, not the ace face, so make sure not to drop or flip over that card.)

For the second ace packet, pick up the indifferent cards with your left hand, flip them face up, and place the ace face up on top of them, meanwhile getting a litde finger break under the top two cards, the gaffed ace and the first of the indifferent cards.

With a double lift, flip the two cards over as one so the normal back of the indifferent card now appears as the top card of the packet. Place the top card by itself face down on the table.

Fan the three remaining cards, revealing them as indifferent cards, and use them to flip over the face down card, magically revealing it to not be an ace, but an indifferent card.

For the third ace packet on the table, repeat the previous break and double lift, but after dropping the top card face down onto the table, flip over the packet while holding it tightly, showing the indifferent face of the gaffed ace currendy on top of the deck and the back of the bottom card of the deck. Discard the gaffed ace on top of the facedown card on the table and spread the two cards face up, repeating the revolving reveal for the last two cards.

Pick up the face down card and reveal it as an indifferent card.

For the fourth ace packet on the table, pick up the three indifferent cards and arrange them prettily around the ace. Flip them over, revealing them as indifferent cards.

Pick up the indifferent face up cards in your left hand, getting a little finger break under the top card, and place the gaffed ace on top of the packet. With your right hand, pick up the top two cards as one card, flip over the cards in your left hand so they are now face down, arid insert the two face up cards in between the top and bottom cards in your left hand.

Square them up, roll your wrist over so your palm now faces the table, and lay your left thumb along the short edge of the packet, so you can push down with your thumb and push the packet out along your fingers from the bottom of your palm.

Pull out the packet with your right hand and fan the cards, showing three face up indifferent cards and one face down card. Lay the cards on the table, flipping over the face down card, revealing an indifferent card.

There are now four face up card piles on the table and there is no ace to be seen in any of them.

Ribbon spread the rest of the deck, revealing four face up aces in the center.

Take half the remaining face down deck in each hand (leaving the aces) and ribbon spread each half face down on either side of the aces.

Flip over each ribbon to reveal blank cards.

Pick up the four revealed aces and drop them in the center of the table with a flourish.

Po Man s Color Changing Sticks

I love to do color changing knife routines but I have a problem selling them to kids and lately I've had difficulty taking the knives on plane trips.

"Quick Sticks" is my resolution to those difficulties: A pair of color-changing plastic sticks without any of the dangers of knives.

You can buy my "Quick Sticks" or simply make your own.

EFFECT: A plastic stick changes from white to black then back to white. You reach into your pocket to show the black stick has magically appeared there and it instantly appears back in your other hand.

Finally, both sticks turn white and you reveal you never had a black stick to begin with.

SETUP: My "Quick Sticks" or your own sticks made up in the following manner: One stick white on both faces and one stick colored white on one face and black on the other. The white stick goes in your left pocket and the black and white stick goes in your right pocket. (You can also start your trick with the black and white stick already in your right hand with the white side facing up.)

PATTER Sr'HP: "Here's something unique that you probably haven't seen before. I'll tell you what to look for so you'll know what to expect. I'll use two sticks: A black one and a white one. I'm going to make them change places right before your eyes. As soon as the black one appears, the white one will vanish out from my hands."

Holdi the black and white stick in your hand, white side facing the audience. Show both faces of the stick fairly. Then, magically change the face colors of the stick by rotating the stick to "show" both sides to be black)

"This time, I'll wave the stick and you'll see it change colors right before your eyes. Actually what will happen is that I will throw the black stick into my left pocket and retrieve the white one before you can blink an eye.

(you will be waving the stick in a back and forth motion and while waving it you will simply roll the stick between your thumb and finger to make the white side re-appear)

Now answer me honestly, did you ever see me actually reach into my left pocket and take out the black stick? Because I do have it here.. .look.

(Now reach into your left pocket to pull out the black stick and at the same time turn over the stick in your right hand to reveal the black color. The one in your left pocket is solid white. You show both sticks now, in your left hand is the white and in your right hand is the black one. Perform the Paddle Move with your right hand to show black on both sides)

Now of course they should never touch each other because if they do you will see that I never actually had a black one.

(You simply touch them together and as they touch you roll the one in your right hand over again and it is now white. Perform the Paddle Move with your right hand once again and accept all of the applause!)

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