Mcclintock Twist

EFFECT: Four cards magically change from backs to faces, one at a time.

SETUP: Any four of a kind.

TIP: This trick uses no extra cards, no double lifts and no gaffed cards.

Hold the cards perpendicular to the floor, two cards in each hand, card faces toward the spectators. Fan the cards so the audience can easily see there are only four cards. Show the card faces and then the backs.

Pull off any two cards in one hand, leaving two in the other, keeping the card faces toward the spectators. (For the purposes of these instructions, we'll put the 6D and 6C in your right hand, and the 6S and 6H in the left.)

Hold two cards between the thumb and index finger of each hand, card faces toward the spectators, both hands held in front of your chest.

While gently rubbing the cards back and forth, perform the Basic Move.

BASIC MOVE: Hold two cards in front of you, faces out toward the audience, between the thumb and index finger of each hand. Stagger the cards vertically so the audience can see they are indeed four normal cards. (See figure below.)

Slide the cards in your right hand up between the top and bottom cards in your left hand so they are sandwiched between the left-hand cards.

(Your right hand will need to rise a bit and your left hand descends a bit.) (See figure below.)

As the cards in your left hand rise between those in your right, the card closest to your chest will strike your left thumb and slide down the thumbnail.

As that occurs, gendy push your right thumb toward your left so the card slides to the left, riding up toward the first thumb joint and flaring out toward your chest.

Push your left thumb toward the right, flipping the card completely over. Square the packet, hold the now-revealed card and the card closest to the audience in your left hand as with your right fingers, you pull out the two middle cards, displaying their faces to the audience. After a beat, display the revealed and unrevealed cards in your left hand.

NOTE: The revolving card is blocked from the audience's view by the cards in front, so make sure to flip the card parallel to the cards in front!

The basic move is the foundation for this trick. You'll perform it three more times, so at the end of the trick, you'll have magically reversed four cards face to back.

(Used with Reed McClintock's kind permission.)

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