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EFFECT: Magician walks into another room and closes the door behind him. Spectator selects a card from Partner's deck, replaces it in the deck. Partner holds the deck to the door of Magician's room, peels off the top card, rubs it on the door once or twice and pulls his hand away to reveal the card has vanished.

He shows his rubbing hand clean as the door opens and the Magician bounds out, showing the spectator's selected card.

SETUP: An agreed-upon forced card and its match from another identical deck. The Magician holds the matched card.

TIP: The Partner uses his favorite force on the spectator. The Partner controls the selected card to second from the top of the deck. He then does a double lift to show the spectator his selected card now parked on top of the deck.

Partner walks to the door, holding the deck in his left hand, and places his hand on the door, perhaps about neck or head height. He thumbs over the top card, retention vanishes it with his right hand, and starts rubbing. After a few strokes, he lifts rubbing palm to reveal the selected card has vanished and that his rubbing palm is clean.

NOTE: Three important things to remember during the rub:

• People will believe the card is under your palm if you believe it is under your palm.

• Make sure to start the rub with your rubbing palm positioned so that the bottom edge of the card peeks out from under the fleshy edge of your palm (little finger side). This aids the retention vanish enormously.

• The double lift is an "out" in case a spectator claims the vanished card is still on top of the deck. The Partner can reveal the top card to be an indifferent card and then burn it, foiling the heckler.

I wrote to David Acer regarding this routine as well as a previous routine in these notes regarding a two-man card production. Here's his gracious response:

Enjoy! Feel free to put jour approach to the Card Through Door in your notes, and thanks for asking.

As far as the two-man card revelation (I presume you mean the one where we each get the wrong card, then discover that I found Richard's spectator's card and he found my spectator's card), I'm not even a little surprised someone else has come up with same idea. (In fact, I would be more surprised to learn that you and I are the only ones.) For the record, it's actually something I improvised with Simon Tavell at Monday Night Magic a few years ago, though I did it on a magic special up here in Canada mth Richard Sanders, and it will appear in my next book under the name, "Twice Removed."

In any case, no worries, and best of luck with the lecture game I

-David www. damdacer. com

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Fundamentals of Magick

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