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This routine can be done impromptu. I love this effect and have been doing it impromptu in restaurants, in the Close-up gallery at the Magic Castle, on the street and even to many other magicians without being busted. When you do the final reveal, just sit back and enjoy the gasps you will get from your spectators.

EFFECT: Three spectators each write a name, a word or even draw a picture or symbol upon identical business cards. The cards are collected by a spectator and shuffled face down so no one knows which card belonged to whom. The Magician does a brief cold reading or handwriting analysis on each face down card to divine the card's owner. When the Magician reaches the last card, he takes a pen to a pad of paper and correctly draws whatever text or symbol is on the card. An absolute killer reveal!

SETUP: Three business cards, two of which are marked prior to the trick.

TIP: Two of the three cards you hand out are marked by a pencil dot or in some other manner (nail crease, bend, whatever) noticeable only to you and which you can see regardless of lighting conditions.

One card has a dot in the upper left corner to represent the first card. The next card is marked in the center top or right top corner to represent the second card. (I suggest the center mark so that there is never any confusion in the middle of a performance.) The third card has no mark at all.

Hand out the three cards and remember who gets which card. Ask each spectator to print a name, a word or make a quick drawing on the back of the card and then place the card sketch side down onto the table, thus hiding their drawings. Have a spectator collect the cards, keeping them face down, then have that person mix them thoroughly.

Take the mixed cards and explain you can learn a lot about a person simply by the way they write: The pen nib pressure, the curves in the letters, even the slant of a letter stroke or angle of a word. By looking at these things you can determine to whom the card belongs.

Turn the top card face up and immediately pick up the entire pack as if to show the top card to them. This reveals the sketched side of the bottom card to you. Be sure to memorize it and then set down all of the cards except for the top card that you are 'reading'.

Go into your patter regarding the way the spectator wrote or drew as if you could really see into that person's mind and divine who wrote or drew on that particular card. Hand the card to that person and accept whatever gratitude the audience offers at that moment. Do not wait uncomfortably for applause. If it comes, great. If not, move on because it will be there soon.

(I have never studied handwriting analysis, so I invent positive observations using a positive swing, a loose John Edwards style. Never put down your audience, just have fun.)

Next, repeat the same reveal except now you pick up the second card and not the packet of three cards.

Now, the third card is no secret. Everyone knows to whom that belongs so there will be no surprise in revealing its owner.

Instead, tell your audience you are not going to give a reading on this card. Instead, you're actually going to attempt to duplicate on a pad of paper what the spectator drew or wrote on the card. Get a fourth business card and draw or write a duplicate of the sketch on the third card.

The learning of this routine is a cross between Max Maven and Andy Nyman. I thank both of them and I recommend seeing their shows at any opportunity.

END NOTES: I did say this routine could be done totally impromptu and I meant it. If you do not happen to have any 'marked business cards' at the moment someone wants you to do a trick for a friend, simply put a small crease in the card instead of a pencil mark using your fingernail or thumbnail. Hand the cards out the same way and you will be amazed at the outcome!!!

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