nflate six balloons and twist their ends together to make the frame of the web. Twist a balloon between the balloons of the frame. Continue in a spiral direction until the web is complete.


To make the legs, fully inflate four bal-I loons and twist them together in the middle. On each leg twist an 8-inch (20-cm) bubble, then make a small bubble and ear twist it to make a knee.

2To make the body of the spider, inflate two balloons, leaving 4 inches (1 0 cm) free at the end of each balloon. Tie the knots of these two balloons together.

Make a twist in each balloon about 8-10 inches (20-25 cm) down from the knots. Twist the bubbles together at this joint.

Fold these twist-locked bubbles over to measure out another pair of bubbles that will be the same size. Twist the second pair together.

Bring the two pairs of bubbles together and loop one of the loose ends of the remaining balloons through their opening to lock them together. This is the back half of the spider.

(spider continued)

3 With the remaining ends, make a medium bubble on each balloon. Twist lock them together. This is the front half of the spider.

Make a small bubble and ear twist it for each balloon. These are the lips of the spider.

Fold down the remaining sections of each balloon to match the size of the bubbles made in the first paragraph of Figure 3.

Twist these sections together with the rest of the front half of the spider. The spider's body is now complete.

Use a pin to pop the remaining parts of the balloons. You can tie the latex ends around the joints to make sure your spider doesn't leak air. Use a pair of scissors to cut off the excess latex.

4Twist the spider legs (at the middle joint) to the body at the joint between the front and back half of the spider. Adjust the legs so that four legs are on each side.

5To make the eyes, inflate a white balloon to 5 inches (7.5 cm). Twist the balloon in the middle to make two equal-size bubbles. Place them side by side and tie the knot to the leftover tail. Cut off the excess tail. These are your eyes.

Separate the eyes and slide them over the lips.

Use a felt pen to draw on eyes. Attach the spider to the web.


You'll need three balloons for this centerpiece: two for the daisy flowers, one for the stem.


IMake two daisy flowers (see pages 44-45, Figures 2 and 3). For the stem, tie a knot at the tail end of a balloon and fully inflate it. Make a tulip twist at each end of the balloon.

2Thread a tulip bulb into the center of each daisy.

3 Fold the stem in half and gently twist the stems together. You can place these flowers into a gift bag for decoration.

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