2 For the body, make two large bubbles.

Twist lock them together.

Make five small bubbles for the spine. Open the body and loop the rest of the balloon down through and around the joint of the body. The joint between the last spine bubble and the rest of the balloon should lock between the joint of the two large bubbles.

«"I Inflate a balloon, leaving 8 inches (20 cm) free at

I the tail. Make a medium bubble for the head. Make a small bubble and ear twist it for one ear. Repeat for the other ear.

Make a small bubble for the neck. Create two medium bubbles and twist lock them to form the front legs.

3 Make two medium bubbles for the back legs. They should be the same size as the front legs. Twist lock them in place. You should have a small tail left.

If there is enough room, make a small bubble towards the end of the balloon and ear twist it to create a spike. Or you can simply draw in some spikes.

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