Use two balloons to make this hat. You may want to make two hats in order to play ring toss.


Head size

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1 Fully inflate both balloons. Holding the balloons with the mouth ends pointing in opposite directions, measure the size of the person's head. Make a small bubble at each mouth end and twist lock the bubble of each balloon to the correct point on the opposite balloon so that the hat will fit. This is the rim of the hat.

To play ring toss, fully inflate a balloon, leaving just a small tip on the tail free. Tie the knot to the tail to create a ring or circle. Take turns tossing the ring through the hat.

2 Gently wind the remaining parts of each balloon together. Do not twist so hard that the balloons form a joint. When you have wound up to the tail of the balloons, twist lock the balloons together to keep them in place.

Repeat the steps for Figures 1 and 2 to make a second hat for a friend.

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