Inflate a balloon, leaving about I 5 inches (1 5 cm) free at the tail. Hold your hands about 8 inches (20 cm) from the knot and fold the balloon into an S shape.

Gather the S together and twist the balloon in the middle of the three folds so that the folds stay together. Adjust the folds to make the head of the guitar.

2 Make a small bubble where the tail begins. Holding the small bubble, make a circle with the balloon and twist lock the small bubble to where it closes. This is the body of the guitar.

3 Create a balloon puff at the very end of the tail. Squeeze all the air out of the small bubble into the balloon puff.

Twist the neck of the balloon puff about twenty-five times until it resembles a string.

Pull the string and balloon puff down across the body of the guitar and wrap them around the end of the balloon. Your guitar is complete. You can pluck the string to produce a twangy sound.



<*1 Inflate the balloon, leaving about 8 inches (20 cm) free at the tail.

Make a small knot in the tail end of the balloon. You will now have a knot at both ends of your balloon.

Working from the mouth end of the balloon, make a small bubble. Pull the knot over the bubble and tie it around the joint.

Make a large bubble. Fold it in half, then twist lock the two halves together.

Fold the small bubble in between the large bubble. This makes the rear wheel.

2 Make a small bubble and ear twist it.

This is the seat.

Make one medium bubble for the body of the motorcycle. Make one small bubble and ear twist it to create the engine.

Make one small-to-medium size bubble. Then make five small bubbles. Twist lock the first and last small bubbles.

Make a small bubble and ear twist it. This makes the headlight.

3 Ear twist the second and fourth small bubbles created in the third paragraph of Figure 2. Then use a pin to pop the small middle bubble. This will give you the handlebars of the motorcycle.

4If necessary, give the leftover balloon a good squeeze to move some of the air down to the tail of the balloon. This will make it easier to work with.

Make a small bubble at the knotted tail end of the balloon. Then tie the knot over the joint as you did in the second paragraph of Figure 1.

Repeat the steps in Figure 1 to make the front wheel.

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