Dos And Donts

Here are some other simple rules to follow in order to ensure that your balloon-making experience is safe and fun:

• Store your balloons in a cool, dry place away from the sun. They will last longer.

• Do not chew on balloons or place balloons in your mouth!


• Do not blow into a balloon that another person has already been blowing. You can pick up some nasty germs that way.

• When you are twisting a balloon, keep the balloon far away from your face to avoid any accidents.

• When you are doing the balloon-puff technique, do not suck on the balloon to create the puff. You can choke on the balloon.

• Do not use helium to inflate your balloons.

• Do not put any special powders or other materials inside the balloons.

• Do not use regular round balloons to make your creations. These balloons are not meant for twisting and turning.

• Do not use alcohol-based felt markers to draw on your balloons. These markers will eat through the balloon.

• Make sure you pick up all burst balloon pieces. Small children and animals might swallow them.

• Tell an adult immediately if you have hurt yourself or a friend in any way!

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