Tom Sellers Two Tricks

(About twenty years ago this routine fooled a roomful of magicians. I was there and was completely taken in. As impressive as the effect was, the method evoked a stronger response because of the extreme simplicity of its construction. KF)

A Billiard Ball Penetration

The performer drapes a silk handkerchief over a candlestick. Under this silk he places a billiard ball.

A larger handkerchief is now placed over the silk, covering the ball. When the large handkerchief is remov--1230-

ed, the billiard ball is seen to be on top of the silk which previously covered it, having apparently penetrated right through.

Requirements: A candlestick, two silk handkerchiefs of like hue, but one 12" square, the other 13" square, a billiard ball, a large, dark coloured handkerchief.

taken from the glass and the magician then performed a series of ball-thru-silk penetrations. At the finish, the blue silk was draped over the glass. The ball was vanished. The silk was lifted and the ball found inside the glass. It was a knockout combination and I wish I could remember the name of the fellow who performed the routine. KF)

Preparation; Place the 12" silk behind the 13" silk.

Method: Show the candlestick, pick up the two silks as one and throw them o-ver the candlestick, the smaller silk being on the underside.

Pick up the candlestick and show on all sides. Now pick up the billiard ball and place it under the top silk only, performing this action from the rear.

13" SILK

Again show on all 12" silk. sides. Now cover all with the large handkerchief. Make the magic spell and remove the


large handkerchief, carrying the top silk with it. Throw the large handkerchief aside, and show that the ball has passed through the silk on the candlestick.

(The trick as I saw it done went as follows. An ordinary drinking glass was on the table mouth up. The double silk was draped over the mouth of the glass. The double silk was blue.

The magician lifted the rear corner of the upper silk and placed the billiard ball on top of the glass. In fact the ball was now between the two silks. The ball was red.

The apparatus was now covered with a larger silk. The magician lifted the large silk plus the upper duplicate silk from in back, then snapped them away to show the billiard ball now resting on top of the blue silk.

The ball and silk were immediately

On Again-Off Again

This is a new version of the safety pin trick. In this method you can link the pins together, as well as separate them.

To make and work the trick, proceed as follows. Obtain two safety pins. They will probably be like the ones shown in Fig. 1, with a guide in the head portion. With cutting pliers remove the guide and your safety pins will be as shown in Fig. 2.

Now refer to Fig. 3. Hold pin "B" in the left hand at the spring, end, the point of the jain being upwards. Hold

pm in the right hand at the spring end.

in the right

With the back of pin "A" strike point X of pin B very sharply. You will find that in a flash the two pins have become ^— » -2)p"<B linked as in Fig. 4. e

To separate the pins, hold them as before, then (4) give them a sharp twist as indicated in Fig. 4, the back of pin "A" striking the point of pin "B". A slight sliding motion of pin A to the right should be given as you hit pin B. This will separate the pins and you are ready to repeat.

The latter move will probably need a little practice before you get the knack, but I can vouch for its practicability.


3. Place the deck in LH dealing position. Bring the deck into view, face of the deck toward the audience. The left fingers cover the wrap-around condition of the Joker.

4. Riffle along the upper right corner with the right forefinger until the spectator calls stop, Fig. 2. The right

forefinger moves into the break. The right thumb and forefinger then slide the top portion above the break to the right and clear of the deck. Fig. 3.

7. Again the right forefinger riffles along the outer right corner, but time the riffle so stop is called when the forefinger is in the top quarter of the deck. A better way to say this is to stop the riffle when the forefinger is about 13 cards from the top of the deck.

8. Lift off these cards and drop them on the table. Have the spectator shuffle the packet, note the top card and turn it face-up on top of the packet.

9. As he does this, grasp the balance of the deck at the right side with the right hand, thumb on top, fingers below. The fingers keep the folded Joker in place.

10. This allows the LH to shift its grip so that he can grasp the deck at the left side, thumb on top, fingers below, Fig. 5. -»

5. Have the spectator note the face card of the top portion.

6. This portion is placed on top of the balance of the deck. The situation at this point is shown in Fig. 4. Deck held in the LH. You can now lower-the deck so that the spectator gets a clear view of the top of the deck.

11. The LH places or drops its portion on top of the tabled portion of the deck. Pick up the deck from above with the right hand and hold it between the hands.

12. Break open the deck ait' about the center, Fig. 6. The folded Joker is at the bottom. Remark that you have two chosen cards but only one Joker.

13. Hold the halves as shown in

Fig. 7 (to get to this situation from Fig. 6 means only that you have opened the deck like a book).

14. Make a tearing motion, left-hand portion moving away from you, right-hand portion toward you. Actually you are tearing something- the Joker. And since it is pre-torn, it will tear in half.


idea is to secretly tear a quarter of a card away from the remainder of the card. This is to be done with the card in the deck and the deck in full view. As the audience sees it, you might fan the deck, faces toward you, using the standard excuse of looking for any Jokers in the pack. During this action (or any action equally innocent in appearance) a quarter of a card is torn away. It would be interesting to be able to tear away the center of a card secretly because this leads to a class of decidedly different card effects, but I have achieved no easy handling in this area.

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