From Charles D. Rose; Fan Mail Dept. So what did I personally get out of the first 12 issues? HyperCard, You Win Once, Elastic Illusion, Caper, Slydini Palm, Rebound, Five Card Mental, Suspense, Two Coin Vanishes, Mid nite Coin, Flying Eagles, A Dollar, Flashbacks, Catapult, Flash Back two, Instant Oil & Water, Twist Trap, Hank Gag, Fireworks. All that plus the VERY candid and informative "Interloc utor~" if the above doesn't add up to the investment, I'll eat the paper it's printed on.

Back to "The Interlocutor," Anything I have purchased as a result of your reviews or comments has more than lived up to my expectations.That is more than can be said of the two "house" journals.

From Anne Carter, the clipping here from a recent Playboy, and a note, sa ing, "Knowing of your constant and

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deservedly outspoken campaign against "thieves and hustlers in magic," you might be interested to know that it goes on in comedy too."

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