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When you are making out with a lady, you want to show her that you are determined and powerful and certain you will get what you want.

Don't waste too much time in her mouth. This is where most men make their big error. Go for her neck as soon as you can. As you go for her neck, cup her breast in one of your hands. Gently rub it with the palm of your hand. Let your hands roam freely over her legs and ass - you are the rightful king, and this is YOUR TERRITORY, rightfully yours to explore as you see fit.

Rather than trying to get your hands in her pants right away, take the palm of your hand, and place it over her pubic mound. If you press down lightly and move your palm up and down you will get her very hot and bothered.

Don't bother trying to take off her bra either, before you take her breasts in your mouth. Simply lift up her shirt or blouse, and pull the cup of the bra down, so the breast is exposed. Lick, AROUND the nipple at first, instead of going at it directly.

Then, let your tongue flick it quickly a few times. Then bite it not hard enough to hurt.

If she's wearing pants, move your head down, and kiss her on the crotch. Then reach for her belt, if she's wearing one, and undo. Don't be shy about it. Pull her pants right off, and try to take her panties with them, if you can.

Kiss back up to her chest now, but this time you work your palm on her naked bush, slipping your index finger on her clit, and in her cunt.

After a few minutes of this, move back down to her pussy. Kiss her inner thighs once or twice and then go for the eat-out.

Here is my favorite cunnilingus technique. I discovered it by accident years ago, and women go crazy over it. I don't claim to be the best fuck in the world - I know I am not. However, women have told me, over and over again that I give the best head of any man they have ever met.

Here's the secret. Kneel down so your face is level with her snatch. She can sit on the edge of the bed or chair or couch, with her legs over your shoulders. Take the index finger of your left hand, and the index finger of your right hand. Use the left finger to push away the skin hiding the clitoris on that side, and the right finger to push away the skin hiding the clitoris on the other. Once you've pushed this loose skin to the side the clitoris will be exposed. From here, what you do is use your fingers to push the base of the clitoris, so it pops up, fully exposed. This is sort of the equivalent of a woman squeezing the base of your cock when she blows you - it helps to keep your cock rigid by trapping the blood in it and also keeps it from moving.

From here, she's yours. You'll be able to suck and lick on the little bingo button and she'll freak out. The hardest problem will be getting her to hold still - if she thrashes around too much you are going to lose your grip.

At this point, stop for a minute and take off your pants and shorts. Resume eating, and when you feel ready, roll on your condom. You should practice this until you can do it quickly and without fumbling.

Then spread her legs open and slip it in slow and deep. Let her enjoy the pleasure of having your cock inside of her.


We've all heard the nonsense about "No Means No" and respecting a girl's right to refuse a pass.

Well, I hope by now you know differently. Often times "no" doesn't mean that at all. It could mean, "I don't want to appear cheap, so I have to put up token resistance first." Or it could mean, "I'm not sure." Or it could mean, "I'm scared of sex."

Whatever it means, the two worst responses you could make to a woman who resists you, are to:

Argue with her about it. Give up and sulk.

The best thing to do is express agreement with how she feels, then back off and try later again in the evening. If she's just trying to avoid appearing easy or cheap, you'll nail her later anyway.

The real problem arises when the lady just happens to have a serious problem about sex or is just NOT attracted to you.

In the first case, you are in trouble, buddy. If she's this hung up, what kind of a fuck is she going to be anyway? Personally, I'd see her to the door and throw away her phone number.

If she's not attracted to you, but likes sex generally, you've still got a fighting chance. Let me show you several ways around the, "I'M JUST NOT ATTRACTED TO YOU LINE."


This is perhaps the sneakiest and most unfair method I know to break a woman's resistance to sleeping with you. It is the H-bomb in your arsenal. It works on the principle that if you put someone in the physiology of a certain state, they will actually BE in that state.

Here's how it works. You make the pass and she rejects you. You should act apologetic. Tell her you are sorry you misread her cues. Say something like, "Look. I'm sorry. I'm just really dumb when it comes to reading women, y'know. Maybe you can help me with this? I know this sounds really dumb, but I don't want to keep making this kind of dumb mistake with women."

Odds are, she'll be willing to help.

"If you can remember a time you were with a guy that you were really attracted to, can you show me what the look was on your face?"

She'll laugh at first, but then show you.

"OK. But can you show me how your mouth was? Was it open? And how did your eyes look?"

"OK. And how were you breathing? Can you show me?"

"How were you sitting? What was your posture?"

"And what feelings, closing your eyes for a second, were you aware of in your body? And how did those start to build?"

At this point, you have a choice. You can anchor those feelings and make a pass later by firing off the anchor, or you can make a pass then and there, using a transition like this:

"And how would this touch feel to you if he were touching you like this, here and now?" Resume your pass now.


This is a more verbal approach than the last method. When she feeds you the "I'm just not attracted to you" objection, you reply as follows:

"What you're really saying is you have an unprecedented opportunity to expand the range of people you can share joy and pleasure with."

That will blow her mind. You've taken a negative and turned it around into a positive opportunity for her to grow and expand her life. You've made her excuse for not fucking you her positive reason to do so. Wow!


Here you point out the consequences of her actions by saying: "Telling me that is only going to make me want you more, because I get really turned on when women reject me." Well, where does THAT leave her? You've let her know that pushing you away again is only going to make it worse for her! She can't win no matter what.


This method relies on interrupting her pattern by reversing the tables. Here you say: "Attracted? Who says I'M attracted to YOU. As far as I'm concerned, honey, I'm giving you a MERCY fuck!" Then immediately resume your pass.


Here you interrupt her pattern of rejection again, but this time more gently. Politely say, "Oh. I'm sorry. Excuse me." Then get up, and go into the kitchen. Get a paper shopping bag, stick it on your head, and walk back over to her. "There," you say, "that should fix it!" As she laughs, resume your pass.


One of the hardest things for anyone to do is watch a grown man cry. You are going to depend on that for this method, but be aware that this one is going to take some acting ability. Pull away after she rejects you and put your head in your hands. Quietly start to sob.

"I'm sorry I should have known better than to think that a girl like you could like me " Sob some more. "Let me sit a second and I'll take you home." (Obviously if you are at HER place, you word it accordingly, dummy!) "It's just that I'll never know the peace of having you in my arms and loving you it would have meant so much (sob, sob). I've never been with a woman as beautiful as you you don't know the confidence it would have given me...and the happiness (sob uncontrollably now)

could you find it in yourself just to let me kiss you once to know I

at least had that?"

Now I promise you, if the girl has any heart at ALL, she'll kiss you. And that's when you resume your pass. If she stops you, start weeping again.

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