The Key To Pickups Wherever You

I have a brother who's in advertising - more specifically he writes newspaper and magazine ad copy. I once watched him at work, and he sat for about three hours and then wrote one sentence! One sentence!

I asked him why he took so long on one sentence and his answer stuck with me: It's that first sentence that determines whether they even read the rest of the ad!

Look at meeting women like an ad man who's writing copy for a newspaper ad. Maybe one out of a hundred readers is actively looking for the product you are trying to sell, and they will read your whole ad no matter what the headline says.

The rest of the readers could care less. They are busy flipping pages, trying to get to the comics section or the sports page. They will only stop if something grabs their attention.

So it is with the average chick. In a few lucky situations, your looks alone will snag her. But the rest of the time you won't have much chance of selling your product unless you grab her attention and grab it fast. (I know, you want to grab something else, but that comes later. Animal.)

Below are some of the best ways to grab a girl's attention. Keep them in mind as you read the next few chapters.


Appealing to her curiosity

Putting an unusual or unexpected twist on an old, cliche pick-up Role playing

Faking like you already know her

Appealing to her ego

Showing outrageous balls or guts


The next step after you've got her attention is to introduce yourself and get her name. I hope you are smart enough to do that without my advice.

Then you've got to create the illusion of rapport. For those of you who don't know what rapport means, the dictionary defines it as: "Accord, affinity, relations marked by harmony."

The techniques you use to create rapport will vary according to the type of pick-up you are using. Of course, we've already gone over the proper way to use your tone of voice.

Here are two other very sneaky and powerful ways to create rapport with a woman. You should use them when you're actually on a date as well as when you first meet a woman. They take some practice to master, but work quite well.

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