The Failure To Understand This Simple Difference Between The Two Kinds Of Mental Pictures People Make Is The Single Biggest Reason Why Most People Never Reach Their Goals

You could imagine yourself acting confident and powerful until you are blue in the face, but unless you give your mind some cues as to when it is going to tap into those pictures you will get NOWHERE. You will never tap into all those great resources you've been imagining.

For ease we are going to call the first kind of picture, where you do see yourself, picture type 1, and the second kind of picture where you do not see yourself, picture type 2.

Ok. Now that we have made that clear, let's get on to the exercise. Step One:

Recall a time in your past when you felt confident and powerful. A time where you fully felt the way you'd like to feel around women. This can be anywhere and about anything - a great golf shot you made, or an "A" book report you did in school.

Step Two:

Close your eyes, and see yourself in the first kind of picture, going through that experience again.

Step Three:

Now, step into the picture, and see the events as if you were actually looking out from your own eyes. See what you saw, hear what you heard, and feel how good it felt in your body. When those feelings of confidence and power reach their peak in your body, reach over with your right hand, and give your left wrist a squeeze. Run through this twice more, giving the same squeeze in the same place. This will train your mind to recall those feelings of power and confidence whenever you squeeze your wrist the way you are doing now.

Think of a situation or circumstance where you would like to be more powerful with women or more poised or whatever it is you'd like.

Step Five:

Picture it the second way, as if it were going on and you were seeing it through your own eyes.

Step Six:

As you do so, reach over with your right hand and squeeze your left wrist, triggering your confidence anchor. This will train your mind to automatically call up the feelings of confidence and power when you are in a situation like the one you are seeing through your own eyes. You won't even have to think about doing it, which is the advantage. (And that's why anchoring works where "positive thinking" won't, because often by the time you get yourself thinking positively, it's already too late.)

Now, once you've done this, I want you to do it again, but this time I want you to pick different circumstances where you'd like to use your "power attitude" that we talked about in the first chapter. Make one a situation where you see a beautiful woman you'd like to talk to. Another could be making a pass at a woman back at your place. Go through the situation with the first kind of picture, seeing yourself in the picture. Then step into the picture, and go through it, feeling what it would feel like, looking through your own eyes. Do the same thing for the second "learning from your mistakes" attitude. See yourself making a mistake, feeling ok about it, and learning whatever lesson you need so you can do it differently next time. Then step into the picture and see it through your own eyes.


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