Taking What Belongs To You Close

What does the average guy do when a woman invites him into her apartment for a cup of coffee?

I'll tell you what he does. He makes small talk while the coffee is brewing, all the while sweating and nervous about when he's going to make his pass.

Then, when she serves the coffee, he drinks it nervously, wondering when he should make a move. Maybe they sit down on the couch, and he wonders when he should sit closer.

Time wears on. Nothing has happened, and he's getting more and more out of control. Maybe he spills his drink or has to keep going to the bathroom.

Perhaps he decides he better do something, so he moves a little closer and kind of apologetically puts an arm around her. He starts to slowly finger her hair, waiting to see her response.

The first power close cuts through all that nonsense Here's how it works.

She invites you in for coffee. You let her slide while the coffee is brewing. This is her safe time-the last few minutes she'll EVER be safe around you again. You can chuckle to yourself as you look at her and realize that.

The coffee is ready and she pours it for both of you. After she takes the first sip, don't say anything. Just suddenly stop talking and look at her intensely, with just the slightest hint of a smile.

At this point she'll notice, and probably ask, what is it. You CALMLY, SLOWLY, AND DELIBERATELY, put your cup down, reach over, take hers out of her hand, and put it down. Look at her for a second, take her face in her hands, and kiss her passionately.

This kind of action is sending a woman a POWERFUL message about the kind of man you are. You are in effect saying, WITHOUT WORDS, "Let's skip the crap baby. I want you, HERE, NOW, AND I'M NOT MAKING ANY EXCUSES FOR IT."

This is my favorite, non-hypnotic close, although I can't entirely call it that, because women seem to go into a trance with the slow, deliberate, but unexpected movements you make.

A key to making this pitch work is SAYING NOTHING! If you talk, you've ruined it! Also, your movements must be slow, and deliberate, not hurried and rushed, like you are afraid she's going to stop you.


With this close, you operate as if you absolutely knew the girl wanted to desperately sleep with you, but you are determined to hold out till the last possible minute and to enjoy teasing her all evening.

With this approach, you lean into her as you talk as if you are about to kiss her. Then you MOVE AWAY. Get up and fix yourself a drink, or go to the bathroom. When you play with her mind like this, she won't know what to think. And when you put her in that state of mind, she's much more pliable and less likely to resist you.

A good tactic is to wait until she says something funny, and then reach over and brush the side of her face with the OUTSIDE of your hand. Then say something like, "You're such a funny lady." Do this slowly and deliberately, looking in her eyes the whole time. Then PULL AWAY.

Here's how you end this. While you're talking, suddenly yawn, look at your watch, and say, "I'm feeling a little bushed. Let's call it an evening."

If you're at your place, you proceed like this: "C'mon. I'll drive you home." Make as if you're really getting to leave. As she stands up from the couch, take her in your arms, and kiss her passionately. It's the last thing she'll be expecting, and the unexpected has the best effect.

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